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April 1st, 2020

Free responsive admin dashboard template built with Vue.js and Bootstrap 4

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Acquiring new customers is one of the most challenging objectives for a small outsourcing business. Different companies deal with this issue in an number of ways. Some maintain relationships with the existing customers and don't care much about expanding. Some assault Upwork with countless proposals in a hope of finding a nice client.
6 Alternatives to Vuestic Admin

With Formcarry CLI, you are able to create form endpoints directly in your terminal. Copy the unique url that tool gives you, paste it into your forms action attribute then start to get submissions.

<form action="{FORMKEY}" method="POST">

It's simple as that 💅

BackHub creates daily recurring backups of all your repositories with up to 30 days of snapshots. Backups include the repository and all metadata including the wikis, issues, and pull requests associated with it.

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This month, we're introducing a few new apps to help you write, manage, and deploy code. To see what's new and find more ways to work better, head to GitHub Marketplace. Ready to try out these new additions? See how they can help your team work better or discover even more tools in GitHub Marketplace.
8 Alternatives to BackHub

We believe that SaaS companies should lead by example by transparently sharing their readiness, compliance and demonstrate best practices. We do a kind shout-out to all the cloud services out there to use Github or Google Form to add your service to the tracker.

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Over the past months, we launched (it says what it does), but also (Product Hunt 😸 calls it "Google Forms - but for GDPR", an easy to configure form to manage and simplify Data Subject access requests).
13 Alternatives to GDPR Tracker

Hello makers 👋

I just open-sourced something that might also be useful to you (it's for me!).

It's a fully customizable payment update page micro-service for Stripe 💳.

Launch it and you are good to go 🚀!

I needed it for my own SaaS so I'm pretty sure it will help others bootstrap their SaaS faster :)

FoalTS is a high-level Node.JS framework that helps you build complete web apps in TypeScript.

Hashbase is a public peer for files published with the Dat protocol. We keep your files online while your computer is off.

Dat is a peer-to-peer protocol for sharing datasets and files. When you use Dat, your files are distributed across the network of peers who you've shared your files with.

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We're Blue Link Labs, the creators of , a peer-to-peer Web browser. Today we're thrilled to announce that we've launched , a fungible hosting service for the peer-to-peer Web. At Blue Link Labs, we're on a mission to enable independent publishing on the Web.
3 Alternatives to Hashbase allows you to convert your legacy PHP applications to the faster, stabler and more secure .NET Core framework.

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Tři české firmy čekalo na přelomu roku překvapení. Dozvěděly se, že Evropská komise jim spolu s dalšími dvěma sty malých a středních podniků udělí prestižní grant, takzvaný SME Instrument. Je určen společnostem, jež vyvíjejí inovativní produkty. Za čtyři roky, co EU tyto granty uděluje, uspělo...
Pražský startup v České republice zatím příliš známý není, ale ve Spojených státech se jeho technologie mezi vývojáři těší obdivu a je považována za potencionálně průlomovou pro budoucnost mnoha webových stránek. O iolevelu tak už psaly největší technologické magazíny a zároveň získal pozornost samotného Microsoftu.
The Peachpie PHP compiler project joined the .NET Foundation this week and I'm trying to get my head around it. PHP in .NET? PHP on .NET? Under .NET? What compiles to what? Why would I want this? How does it work? Does it feel awesome or does it feel gross?
Why? Because it's awesome. Sometimes a project comes along that is impossibly ambitious and it works. I've blogged a little about Peachpie, the open source PHP compiler that runs PHP under .NET Core. It's a project hosted at See more
Built with Microsoft's open source Roslyn compiler, Peachpie leverages .Net's metaprogramming technologies in PHP
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I don't think there are many web applications as widely used as WordPress. It powers a vast swathe of the Internet, ranging from blogs and news websites, to e-commerce sites. And wouldn't it be nicer if it was a little bit faster? Enter PeachPie.

Quick way to add a cloud datasource into your personal or Enterprise application, with the power of Google Sheets. Sheets-as-a-Service provides REST endpoints to manipulate data in the your spreadsheet.

Staart is a full-stack, open-source starter template for SaaS products.
Instead of spending time in building subscriptions, billing, teams, authentication, etc., focus on building your core product. Staart gives you all the boilerplate with a beautiful app.

We are doing nothing but generating secure passwords. If you want to safeguard your info and assets, creating secure passwords is a big first step. And that’s where our Password Generator can help you.

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