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April 1st, 2020

'MicroBot Push' is a wireless robotic finger that'll take care of little tasks like controlling the lights or setting your coffee maker. Stick it on any device, and using an app, you can control the functions remotely using your smartphone or computer.

Crush the resistance with this First Order Stormtrooper robot. In sentry mode it can patrol your room, detect your face to call you commander, and identify unknowns. Control it via the app to blast any threats in an AR battlefield.

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UBTECH 's Stormtrooper missed Force Friday and The Last Jedi's release - no surprise, really. The robotic toy moves pretty slowly, all things told. Perhaps it was a matter of getting things just right, or maybe it was the pains of dealing with such a high-profile license for the first time.

PiTanq is a robot-tank built with open hardware and software.

It is powered by Raspberry Pi and comes AI ready - with OpenCV and Tensorflow.

Includes camera, GPS, distance meter.

There is an Android application to drive it manually.

More info at

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How to make GPS-navigated robot-tank with Raspberry Pi. After experiments with artificial intelligence, I decided to go with an old navigation way - over GPS. At first, the simple GPS-USB dongle was bought. Then I set it up based on an article from Adafruit.
Towards Data Science
After my robot learned how to follow a line, there is a new challenge appeared. I decided to go outdoor and make the robot move along a walkway. It would be nice if a robot follows the host through a...
This project was inspired by a spirit of self-driving cars. I like to construct small cars from Arduino kits, but now decided to make something more than just a toy. One day I found a tank chassis made from glossy aluminum. Self-driving tank sounds even better than car, so that was an inception.
I always liked to construct small car kits. Later I liked to assemble robot kits with Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Finally, I felt stuck in the guidelines and wanted to make something beyond that. One day I explored robotic parts and encountered a tank chassis made from glossy aluminum.
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SideArm is a Robotic arm for DJI phantom Drones. It is easily clipped to bottom of a drone. The controller is at your fingertips on the backside of the DJI controller.

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