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June 1st, 2018

Reddit App

The official app for Android & iOS. Meow.

Leo - Full Stack Developer
So many sub reddits to get into from funny to the interesting and everything in between
R A I Z A- 🍝 I just want to see the spaghetti emoji
👀 I've broken free of Reddit and it's come to haunt me
James Feng- Student @ the University of Pennsylvania
Visit r/AskReddit and r/WritingPrompts. You won't be disappointed!
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Make fun GIFs and clips from any web video on your iPhone

Niv Dror- Words @ProductHunt & @AngelList
Clippy! I use it all the time to selectively make videos and GIFs from YouTube videos (or any videos from the web). The editing (cutting certain part of the clip) is super well done on mobile, and it's what I use to share videos now on social.
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Interest based conversation #FollowWhatYouLove

Bryan- Co-founder, Pinguin
Nothing looks better than a Pinguin and a Kitten together 🐧😺
Devon- Cofounder of Pinguin App
We've seen so much awesome conversation happening here. I've been proudly nerding out in the #Startuplife channel all week.
Joshua Gunning- Doing limbo...
Check it out on TC: PROJECT GENESIS: Our social feeds are based on “friends” or acquaintances that we’ve met throughout our lives by circumstance. We don’t necessarily share the same interests with these people, nor do we have much in common other than the circumstances in which we met. We have pretty much full access to… See more
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