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March 1st, 2020

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. Begin to master Self-Awareness. First step for practicing self-awareness is gaining a greater awareness of your emotions. The second step is making a habit of tracking your feelings. Fettle can assist.

ActivityWatch is a cross-platform automated time tracker that helps you track and understand how you spend your time on your devices. It is different in that it keeps all your data private, is completely open source, and built to be extended and hackable.

Erik Bjäreholt
Erik Bjäreholt
If you want to track your time in great detail and have requirements on things being open source and privacy-focused, I think this is your only option.
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ActivityWatch Forum
Something missing that you want built? Discuss and vote on new features here!
ActivityWatch Forum
It's time for another development update! We are sorry for the long delay in our development updates, but infrequent updates also mean larger updates. The last development update was written about half a year ago, so we have a lot of things to share!
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Simple and private way to manage your data. Connect multiple data sources such as location, health, screen time, and app usage with more sources coming soon. Store your data in your personal encrypted database on device. Get insights by visualizing your data.

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Atlys Networks Inc.
A new era has begun where consumers demand complete ownership and control over their personal data. Evolving regulatory frameworks are shaping the next generation of privacy-centric business models that focus on data security while providing valuable insights and intelligence.
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ZenJournal is a lightning-fast zero-stress journal app with an unique Open and Type chat-like UI with Double Tap to Hide Discreet Mode, with a unified log and search box where you can simply type ? to Search, and a log stream where you can Pull Up to Graph

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You probably don't even journal, but I'd highly recommend it. We have 5% of our thoughts publicly shared on social networks, what about the rest 95%? I've tried more than two dozen journaling apps over the years, but could never find the one that's as easy and distraction-free as pen and paper.
Unified search and type: you can type '?' into the log entry point and start searching. - Discreet Mode: you can double tap your logs and it can obfuscate everything so you can comfortably journal in public spaces or show off your past efforts.
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