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September 1st, 2018

Monument Valley

An MC Escher twist on puzzle games

Ali R. Tariq- Product Designer, Axonify
Clever, addictive, and aesthetically gorgeous platform game.
R A I Z A- 🍝 Product Manager | Spaghetti Aficionado
If you don't have it yet... then get it now. Today. If you don't want to buy it, ping me and I'll buy it for you. It's beautiful, mesmerizing, and as a puzzle - the most satisfying kind to solve. Also only the second video game ever to make me cry (Red Dead Redemption being the only other one) - mostly because of how gorgeous it is!
11 Alternatives to Monument Valley

Shadows - 3D Block Puzzle

Improve your thinking in 3D while having fun.

Solve puzzles, improve your spatial intelligence and thinking in 3D while having fun.


- Improves your spatial intelligence

- Enhances your thinking in 3D

- Improves your judgment ability

- Entertains


Fun challenging game testing your memory against the clock.

Matches is a action puzzle game that puts your memory to the test. Earn coins, use power ups and push your mind to the limit with this challenging puzzle game.


Fun and unique little puzzle game based on elements!

This is a cool little game, where you really need to think, read, and remember. Read the hint carefully and then find how to connect elements and how to create new elements from old ones. It's like a mix of alchemyst game with a board/puzzle twist, where you discover new elements by solving puzzles. It is a new game, give it a try!


Play, Learn & Win / Play games and get iTunes Gift Cards!

ZILUP is a game platform, concentrating on simple, educative yet fun games that anyone from all backgrounds and ages can Play, Learn and Win!

Magic Story

You are a God in this rich world.

Magic Story is a fantasy text-adventure infused with six mini-games. You are a GOD in this rich world: you guide a cheeky wizard kid on his journey, you make decisions for him and shape his world’s fate. Escape dangers, discover secrets, talk to others…or even fall in love!

Magic Story: a revolutionary text adventure with all the perks of a complex RPG and also minigames? Yes, please! One would assume that with all the tech crammed into our phones, games of which the focus is on the story instead of the visuals and gameplay would be outdated.

Sunrise - Active Mind Lifestyle

Sunrise is a platform with fun games to stimulate the mind.

Sunrise Active Mind Lifestyle is a platform with varied and fun games 👾🕹😃 to stimulate your mind. Complete a daily 📆 session of mini-games to keep the mind active.

A more prepared mind makes you even stronger.

Available now for Android and iOS.

Magic Hat - Physics Puzzle

Physics-based puzzle game. Throw a ball into the magic hat.

A game of physics and magic. The goal of the game is simple - get the ball into the magic hat. You throw the ball by pulling your finger within the red-dotted area and then letting go. The game have accurate and fairly realistic physics. The flying ball bounces off the floor & obstacles, teleports through portals and collects the stars on the way.

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