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March 1st, 2019

Grave Danger is an action packed adventure game about an unlikely group of heroes. Switch between Dante the cowboy, Elliot the wizard, and Malice the reaper; use their different abilities to solve puzzles and make their way out of trouble. Will you be able to guide them to victory?

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It's been a long, lonesome few years for Lost Vikings fans since the last relevant entry was released. Sure, they have an emulated version available through Blizzard, as well as the ability to play as the wandering trio in Heroes of the Storm , but when was the last time they could guide three characters to safety using their own unique skillsets?

new minimalistic puzzle about silhouettes

.projekt is a new minimalistic puzzle from creator of Evo Explores.

The game requires to look at things differently. Playing .projekt is like taking a geometry lessons but in a fun and relaxing way.

.projekt is a great training for your creativity. Imagine how an object looks like from a different point of view to match a silhouette.

This is a relaxing experience. There are no ads, no high-scores and no time pressure. Nothing will distract a player from pure meditative gameplay.

A button-based puzzle game containing.

A button-based puzzle game containing 100 levels to unlock and 700 buttons to press! You are one of the hacker clones, saving intellects by hacking into infected brains and defeating the mysterious Wardens.

Sudoku Zenkai is a game for everyone, from beginning to advanced players. It brings a new dimension to sudoku - you can solve puzzles with your friends, wherever they are! You can start a new puzzle with a friend, or call one over to help when you get stuck.

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Official Post from ImaginationOverflow: After so many hours of hard work and dedication, Sudoku Zenkai is finally available on Steam!We would like to thank all our patrons and beta testers for helping us out testing the game and giving so much feedback!The game is available for PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and on the Windows Store enablin

The first story-based Fantasy Chess game on Steam.

Chessaria is a fantasy game that combines Chess battles, puzzles and story-based missions. The game was funded on Kickstarter in late 2016 and released earlier this year on Steam (Pc/Mac).

- Game Modes: Solo Campaign // Online Multiplayer // Local Quick Games vs friends or A.I.

- 2800+ Elo Chess Engine developed by PhD Enrique S. Acosta.

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It's such a simple premise that I'm surprised we haven't seen more games with it. Chess combined with turn-based combat is a match made in heaven. Chessaria takes that combination and runs with it, making a comprehensive experience that includes an adventure mode and a generous selection of quick game modes.
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