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January 1st, 2020

Crowdfunding to make a prototype before manufacturing.

A WUBS Case will hold any Tablet, Smartphone or similar media device, allowing you to listen to music or watch movies etc. in the shower, bath, beach, pool, camping, skiing, anywhere...

100% waterproof, dust-proof, dirt-proof... Life-proof.

Join our journey and lets make this happen :)

ARMix is designed for designers and prototypes. You can load your models in the OBJ and look at them in augmented and virtual reality (6 DoF). This is the first app in the App Store Apple with support for the cardboard and the ability to move. Install only on iPhone 6s and high.

Rating and price

Russian course about the basics of working in Framer

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2:58 Что такое Фреймер, кто его использует, зачем делать прототипы, почему нужно использовать именно его, какие требования для прохождения курса. 10:06 Режимы дизайна и кода, какие есть инструменты в режиме дизайна, вставка готовых иконок из библиотеки, как сделать маску, как определить координаты, что такое автоматическая иерархия, как сделать макет адаптив… See more

Neriven intend to give a new experience of surfing and change the way we use our applications and websites.

Watch all your tabs and software simultaneously.

An efficient content result that allow you to save time and access to your favorites applications directly

Get the informations you are looking for directly with an empowering design.

Customize your workspace and personalize it and make it yours.


Direct link :

Download for WINDOWS :

Download for MAC :

Yoni Zatalovski
Yoni Zatalovski
It will solve all the Tabs problem !!! Using only this now

Umergence is a crowdsourcing and crowdfunding productive network. The Umergence platform allows entrepreneurs, inventors, makers, researchers, professionals, established companies and investors to work together in one place - building their ideas, forming teams, launching campaigns and raising capital.

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Feb. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Moving beyond the reward- and donation-focused model of today's crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, innovative startup Umergence has created a comprehensive crowdsourcing ecosystem. The platform, whose alpha testing has just wrapped, will provide a one-stop-shop where aspiring entrepreneurs can test, grow, fund and… See more
If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading. - Lao Tzu We're getting more productive as a society at an increasing rate. On one hand there's a lot of benefit to go around for the effort, but our technology comes with responsibilities that rest on everyone.

Speed up your development time by up to 50%

Quick-to-use design system for desktop and mobile shopping applications. Crafted in 8dp grid with care of material guidelines. Consists of more than 150+ design modules for more than 25 application sections. Made in Figma design tool , it's quick to deploy with web API

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I'll go straight to the point. Overall, today the digital market is full of ecommerce UI kits. Most of it catching the eye with style and effects, but rather weak practically. Seriously. Those kits are beautiful, but UX mostly incompetent.

Element Lab provides full-service hardware product development. With state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced, highly skilled staff, we deliver finished product designs that meet your specifications. Our ability to work on everything makes us one of the most versatile product development companies in the Hong Kong and Shenzhen area

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Element Lab
1. Unless installed in the device (such as mobile phones, cameras, walkie talkies, notebook computers, etc.). Batteries and galvanic batteries must be individually packed to prevent short circuit and to be packed in a strong outer package. 2.

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Today ’am so excited to introduce you my next digital product. Meet Graphz — components-driven charts design kit for crafting visual balanced dashboards, presentations, analytics or any other case where you need to visualize the data.

Project Zanzibar is a completely new sensing platform in the form of a flexible, portable mat that has the ability to locate, sense and communicate with objects as well as sense a user’s touch.

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