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July 1st, 2019

Give your car eyes, ears and a voice

The AutoPi Dongle and the AutoPi Cloud make up an IoT maker platform, which allows you to add advanced features to your car and gives you a lot of extension possibilities.

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We've previously cover Macchina M2 OBD-II dongle based on an Arduino compatible MCU, and with 4G LTE support for the maker market, and iWave Systems OBD-II dongle with 4G LTE and LTE running Linux on NXP i.MX6 for the B2B market, but so far I had not seen an hackable OBD-II dongle running Linux for the maker market.

Waterproof Universal Bluetooth Speaker Case

Crowdfunding to make a prototype before manufacturing.

A WUBS Case will hold any Tablet, Smartphone or similar media device, allowing you to listen to music or watch movies etc. in the shower, bath, beach, pool, camping, skiing, anywhere...

100% waterproof, dust-proof, dirt-proof... Life-proof.

Join our journey and lets make this happen :)

The easy ergonomic companion for your laptop 👩‍💻

The Veego stand attaches to your laptop so you'll never forget it. The Veego Stand is thin, light, folds flat, and reduces soreness from "laptop hunch" 👩‍💻👩‍💻

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Kelvin Sim is raising funds for Veego Stand | The Easy Ergonomic Companion for your Laptop on Kickstarter! Attaches to your laptop so you'll never forget it. The Veego Stand is thin, light, folds flat, and reduces soreness from "laptop hunch"
Veego is an ergonomic laptop stand that helps users relieve neck and shoulder strain by lifting the laptop screen by two inches. Easy to set up and pack away, and weighing as much as a small box of paper clips, the Veego Stand attaches to...
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Snore Circle Eye Mask is ultra compact and lightweight, only weighing 32g so you can take it with you wherever you go. Rest comfortably and quietly. Featuring advanced bone conduction and sound recognition technologies, Snore Circle Eye Mask can precisely identify 36 levels of snoring and provide accurate responses to stop snoring.

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This sleeping mask could save your relationship.
The Snore Circle Eye Mask is a sleeping mask that claims to reduce snoring. Snoring usually occurs when your throat muscles loosen up while asleep. It works by triggering a reaction in your brain that tightens your throat muscles and opens up the airway for smoother breathing.
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Snore Circle è una particolare maschera smart disponibile in crowdfunding su Kickstarter che vi permetterà di non russare più durante la notte e di farvi dormire meglio. Si tratta di un prodotto intelligente, compatto e super confortevole. L'azienda cinese ha creato la maschera Snore Circle con l'obiettivo di garantire un sonno migliore a tutti.
Schnarchen gehört zu den verbreitetsten Volkskrankheiten unserer Zeit. Nicht nur Betroffene können auf lange Frist an...
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Those interested in an anti-snoring solution may be interested in a new gadget that has just landed on Kickstarter. It comes from a Chinese-based outfit called VVFLY Electronics. Following their 2016 crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo which raised over $285,000, they are back with a new and improved version.
A Snore Circle é uma máscara para dormir capaz de suprimir roncos e monitorar o seu comportamento nas horas de sono. Ao usar tecnologia de indução, o tapa-olho emite vibrações que visam acalmar o repouso, com o objetivo de evitar a emissão de ruídos noturnos.
If you've ever slept with a bad snorer, you know that it can gravely hurt your ability to sleep. You'll be sitting there, trying your best to tune out the deep and grave snores for minutes on end, until you finally just pass out from exhaustion.
8 Alternatives to Snore Circle Mask

The world’s brightest and most advanced tail-light.

Rayo is a bicycle tail-light designed for the modern cyclist. Equipped with ultra-bright LEDs, engineered optics, motion detection, and bluetooth connectivity features, Rayo’s functionalities not only boost your riding safety, but also make your riding experience more convenient, entertaining, and seamless.

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Hauteworks introduces Rayo, the world's brightest tail-light that enhances road visibility and safety for the everyday cyclist.

A drinking game for kids and parents!

Hey guys! This is our new product collection for Bru-Bag Our coolest product by far is our new party pack. It's basically a combination of Monopoly, Beerpong, A slew of 90's drinking games and Cornhole. You play the game like normal Bru-Bag, which is basically just 6 cup beer pong turned into a bean bag toss game but now you act out the covers!

Smart bluetooth multimeter 🔌⚡️

Vion is the simplest smart multimeter for the everyday person equipped with Bluetooth, automatic detection, and expert diagnosis.

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Allectrics Inc. introduces Vion, the simplest smart multimeter for the everyday person, equipped with Bluetooth, automatic detection/diagnosis and voice guidance
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Allectrics eastern United States has created a new Bluetooth multimeter called the Vion, which has been created to provide the "simplest smart multimeter" for the everyday person. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the Vion and its features which make it the " world's simplest" Bluetooth multimeter

Why take a tent, a bag, and a pad when you can SWAYY?

SWAYY Insulated Hammocks is a TN based insulated hammock company. Our aim: Minimize your needed gear and to get you outside! Our Mission: Educate the world.

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From next-gen tech to ingenious innovation, our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

FRAMEN Platform

Streams curated photography & art to any screen (TV, Apple TV, Fire Stick, Tablet). We bring photography to life and fill any black screen in the world with meaningful, visual inspiration - just like a „Spotify for Photos“.

We also re-invented digital photography on the wall - with the Smartest Photography Gadget.

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