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December 1st, 2019

This solar powering unit is a time switching battery powered solar charged circuit, used to power an Arduino Uno and some peripherals. When you have a project like weather station, remote data logger, etc. or applications like this, you do not have to keep your Arduino on all the time, it is very useful thing!

Grids wifi is an innovative start up that provides internet connection to the city of ilorin using wifi technology, we want to scale it and make people life more better bye giving free wifi, if you think we should support us bye upvoting. And we would still be selling our subscription packages to our users. simplifying things is the best way.

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Nigeria is never a smart city, the grid is it's hope.

PrimusX is the ultimate maker's flight controller (board) that allows seamless hardware and software integration. Some have made it a Land Rover, some a blimp. It comes with 10 DOF Sensor Suit, 4 H-Bridge Drivers + 4 Mosfets, Wifi enabled, 256kb STM32F303 controller and 20-pin header UniBus.

3Dsimo Multipro is the most multifunctional tool that can fit into your pocket. It's 7 tools in 1:
✅ 3D pen
✅ soldering station
✅ plastic welder
✅ resistance wire cutter
✅ jigsaw
✅ small drill
✅ electric screwdriver
Let us know your idea for new attachments!

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Today, tech startup 3Dsimo launched an Indiegogo campaign to bring to life two products made to modernize your toolbox and inspire the creators of the future. The first is the 3Dsimo Multipro, a hand-held device with up to 7 changeable extensions that allow you to dive straight into your craft.
The 3DSimo Multipro tool is a 7-in-1 device. It enables 3D drawing, soldering, burning, foam cutting and also comes with a jigsaw, screwdriver and driller. | The Voice of 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing
3Dsimo Multipro is the most multifunctional workshop that can fit into your pocket. It was designed with compactness and user-friendly experience in mind. This small device is able to substitute 3Dprinter, soldering station, plastic welder, resistance wire cutter, jigsaw, small drill, and electric screwdriver. All of them included in one 3Dsimo Multipro - 7 … See more
They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and the 3Dsimo MultiPro is living proof of that. This pen-shaped tool is literally a designer's best friend, helping them prototype, and create in ways never envisioned before. The 3Dsimo MultiPro is basically a pen-tool with interchangeable heads.
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Tersa Steam is a wall-mounted machine that can steam, de-wrinkle, and deodorize your clothes in just 10 minutes. This device is a quick, user-friendly supplement to traditional dry-cleaning and machine washing.

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If you hate ironing then this device could be for you. The Tersa Steam is a dry-cleaning press that can be hung on your wall like a painting and it can de-wrinkle your shirt in less than ten minutes.
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No one actually likes doing laundry, so why not save yourself the trouble with the easiest alternative ever? Why do laundry if you ... don't have to do laundry. That may well be the question you ask yourself once you claim ownership of the Tersa Steam, heralded as the "10-minute clothing care system."
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DTing is world's first easy-start gesture controlled robot and toy series.

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Gesture-Responsive Robotic Toys - Inspired by the development of high tech artificial limbs, DTing's team collaborated with scientists and engineers to create a line of reason...
DTing - Worlds First Easy-Started Gesture Control Robot and Toy Series is Ready to Launch on Indieg
Meet the DTing Armlet: a gesture control device for drones, robots, games, RC cars, and other similar applications. It detects muscle activity to let you interact with your devices. Thanks to its SDK, you can develop innovative apps for it. In some ways, it reminds us of the Myo Armband.
DTing, a series of robots and toys truly controlled by gesture and force is ready to launch on the famous crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. It takes over all the control behaviors of robots at users' wishes, by using gesture and movement to control and precept everything using force.
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Here are robots and toys that you can control with gestures. The DTing toys are controlled using a wristband. It can recognize forearm movement, hand gestures, and force. Such a technology can be used to control tanks, drones, and other RC toys.👉 Trade Bitcoin & rare cryptocurrencies with Changelly  As you move your arm, ...
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