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January 1st, 2020

Jaguar is free and open source (MIT license) mock server with out-of-the-box Create, Read, Update and Delete functionality. It comes with built-in zero setup NoSql database.

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Have you ever tried to implement front-end feature only to find out that back-end team hasn't implemented it yet? Have you ever tried to test the performance of your client-side software only to find out your database have only 3 records and your DBA is on vacation for next 14 days?

EyeJS is JavaScript testing framework designed for the real world, it means that it can do meaningful test, without needing to setup a complex testing environment. It includes for example some unique features such as browser based test, in the same command.

Hope you guys will like it 😊

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Sometimes, you're so excited about your next project that you keep adding features... Without noticing that you just broke all the system. Once you're ready to publish, you just give a look at what you were building, and you see that it just doesn't work 😤.
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Bootstrap Email is a Bootstrap 4 stylesheet, compiler, and inliner for responsive and consistent emails with the Bootstrap syntax you know and love.

A Sketch plugin that allows you to import a set of icons and automatically apply a color mask.

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Today we're going to create a dynamic icon library in Sketch. This could be a pretty complicated process, but we're going to save ourself a lot of time and stress by using a plugin called Sketch Icons. Let's dive in!
Let's turn SVG files into an icon set Sketch Library PLUGIN: See more
We have also introduce a settings panel that allows you to access advanced features. 📦 Create Presets Presets will save you a lot of time! You can now import your icons in different sizes, while choosing your padding. By entering your dimensions as artboardSize-artboardPadding your import panel will look like this: Your icons will be imported in the predefi… See more
As basic as it sounds, selecting and dropping a group of icons in Sketch does not work. If you want to create symbols for each of your icons, you will have to import manually. With Sketch Icons plugin, just go to Plugins -> Sketch Icons -> Import icons...
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Altair GraphQL Client enables you interact with any GraphQL server you are authorized to access from any platform you are on. It also offers you a number of productive features including documentation, adding of queries and fragments from documentation, autocomplete, multiple languages, themes, import/export queries, and many more.

Cricket one of the most loved and favourite sports entertainment specially in India. This is a dashboad showing details about IPL (Indian Premier League) matches from the beginning till year 2016

Platframe is a development platform created for the development of app interfaces that should be structured, modular, scalable and more maintainable. It comes with a preconfigured UI architecture, self-contained components, as well as tools for effective color management.

It can also be used as a static site generator, or for rapid prototyping.

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Something that bugged me as I moved from one stack to another, was the lack of logical structure in application frontends. While backends were generally, and for good reason, well-endowed in this regard, typically with a dedicated team tasked with its design in furtherance of a coherent and resilient architecture.

Chatblocks is a Messenger chatbot framework with React-style API. You can write a declarative chatbot with minimal setup and separate AI/NLP from presentational layer.

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