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July 1st, 2018

SoapBox Bot

A Slackbot & app for productive one-on-ones & team meetings.

SoapBox is an app for team meetings, one-on-ones and collaboration. Build agendas, manage meetings, follow-up and start company wide discussions all in one easy-to-use app.

Brennan McEachran- CEO, Co-founder
I run all of my one-one-ones via GoodTalk. We quickly add items to discuss from slack right into our next meeting. It means I show up prepared, with a full agenda (with topics added by my directs) for every one-on-one. With all the one-on-ones I do I find I'm constantly adding quick notes to it.
Shannon Maloney- Sr Digital Marketing Manager, SoapBox
Check out SoapBox! It's an app where you can build team meeting agendas, one-on-one meeting agendas, take notes, follow-up etc. It's free to use and offers authentication through Slack, Gmail, and Microsoft Teams
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AI meets email for Mac, iOS and Android

Modern email apps for Mac, iOS, Android, and Alexa, fully-integrated with Slack, and powered by artificial intelligence.

1/24/2018 UPDATE: New version of Astro launched! Check it out here:

Siღon- 🙌
Combines a lot of great features such as tracking, delayed send, etc... Great UI and their bot looks promising
Liina Potter
Astro uses AI and machine learning to know who you care most about and has a native chatbot, Astrobot, to help you stay on top of messages/questions/follow up with those people. It's also beautifully designed and has all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a modern email client (snooze, email tracking, one-click unsubscribe, priority inbox, etc.).
Courtney Kingston
Relieves my email stress with great Priority sorting
On the surface, Astro, launching its public beta today, is a nifty but not completely necessary email client that combines machine intelligence and a bot interface to improve workflows and increase the signal to noise ratio of mail for power users.
The Verge
Do you want a chatbot to help you manage email overload? That's the question that Astro has to answer now that it's officially launching on iOS and the Mac. It's the simplest, quickest way to describe what Astro offers today. And when you put it that way, the answer is almost surely "no."
Android Central
If you're into the idea of using Alexa and Slack to answer your email, you might be interested in this little app.
10 Alternatives to Astro
Joanna Wlaźlak- Project Manager at Opendesk
Very nice tracking time tool that inserts little button in different tools from google spreadsheet, trello to slack and stores them in one place. ⏰
Joanna Wlaźlak- Project Manager at Opendesk
Super sleek design, very nice freemium option, create projects and subtasks, duplicate the tasks very easily ⏰
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