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July 1st, 2018

Veego Stand

The Laptop Stand that becomes part of your laptop

The Veego stand attaches to your laptop so you'll never forget it. The Veego Stand is thin, light, folds flat, and reduces soreness from "laptop hunch"

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The world’s brightest and most advanced tail-light.

Rayo is a bicycle tail-light designed for the modern cyclist. Equipped with ultra-bright LEDs, engineered optics, motion detection, and bluetooth connectivity features, Rayo’s functionalities not only boost your riding safety, but also make your riding experience more convenient, entertaining, and seamless.

Hauteworks introduces Rayo, the world's brightest tail-light that enhances road visibility and safety for the everyday cyclist.

Think Different, Look Different! Dynamic No-Sew Interchangeable Shirt Accessories That Customize Your Shirts In Seconds! 👓💎 Impress your prospects and clients... your boss... your friends... your co-workers. Only you will know the secret!! Snap, Twist, Style! Look your absolute BEST for the world each day!

The House of Bourbon | Sheffield
The House of Bourbon is a men's suiting company, based in Sheffield. We are devouted to making high quality, English made suits to fit.
The Peak Lapel
I am Anibal Marin, founder and inventor of Auxilry and CEO of Auxiliare International LLC. I have been a menswear design consultant/product developer for over 15 years and now run my own accessories company Auxiliare International LLC. The company was created based on the core product I invented cal
DNVB List: Hey Anibal, thanks for chatting with us! Auxilry (Anibal Marin, Founder & CEO): No problem, we dig what you guys are doing. It's true, there's so many brands out there; deserving brands, cool brands! It's tough for consumers to find them and tough for the brands to stand out.

During the 90's, there was a global hype with cotton shirts that reacted to body heat. We thought it would be great to apply this effect to sportswear.

The muscles you use during a work-out will heat up and this will trigger the color changing effect. This way, you will be able to see which muscles you have used during the work-out.

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