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March 1st, 2019

Product Life-Cycle Management Simplified

Woises - A Product Life cycle Management Software to simplify the workflow and manage all the requirements in a single window. Easy to access the 360degree product analytics with custom user dashboard.

Manjunath Iyer
Manjunath Iyer- Looking out for cool products
Simple and powerful. Syncs with JIRA Software or can work independently. No BS tool for product management.
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"CX" and "UX" are common buzzwords in the industry. "Customer Experience" (CX) and "User Experience" (UX), they both sound quite similar, but they are not same! Although CX and UX are different, they need to converge and work together for customer success! WHAT IS USER EXPERIENCE (UX)?
Hello Product managers there, could you relate to some of these from your experience as a Product Manager? Here are the 5 takeaways from Vikram Singh (Product Manager, CISCO) Original Post: https:...
Continuous improvement, or Kaizen, is a method of identifying opportunities for streamlining work and reducing waste. The practice was formalized by the popularity of Lean/Kaizen methods in manufacturing and business, and now it is being heavily used in Software/IT industry, thanks to adoption of lean and agile product development methodologies.
From the early days of PeerIndex we've been running as a (very) lean startup. This has taught me some lessons about the practice of Product Management in lean startup environments. This is less about the use of customer development tools and finding product market fit but rather about some tips and tricks that made my life easier.
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A new dimension in storytelling — now a beta app for Android

Bubo brings books and music together in a new platform that makes reading a more emotional and memorable experience. The music is seamlessly synchronized to the story, tailor-made to each ebook and fully adapted to the user's own reading speed. Bubo also features a sleek design and gorgeous illustrations to take readinging to the next level.

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I write about the music industry, from tech to charts and more. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing than coming home after a tough day at work or going on vacation and picking up a great book and turning on some background music.
A new app synchronises specially-composed music to books to match content and reading speed. 24 Jul 2017 The creators of Bubo have designed a platform that adds tailor-made illustrations and music to ebooks for a completely seemless, immersive reading experience.
Bubo plays music in the background to correspond with the tone and action of a book Wanting to enhance the experience of reading an electronic book, a Switzerland-based team of developers created Bubo. Bubo synchronizes with select e-books to play music in the background and include additional illustrations.
In the same way that music matches what is happening in a blockbuster film, Bubo enhances the mood of what is taking place in the book being read, which elevates the overall reading experience. The app can even slow down or speed the music up, based on how quickly someone is reading along.
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Modernized purchasing for restaurants and suppliers

BlueCart - a Saas Mobile turnkey procurement platform - connects wholesale buyers with their exclusive network of suppliers in the hospitality industry. The app was built to save restaurants and suppliers time and money and does so by streamlining the ordering process so restaurants and suppliers can receive orders in real-time.

Surf the web in VR. Don't put your cardboard off again!

It's a family friendly browser for VR! You can use it for browsing websites, online streaming, reading manga, watching your favorite videos as if your in your own cinema! or even working anywhere without laptop/desktop (just your mobile, cardboard, keyboard and mouse!).

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VR headsets continue to grow in popularity with more content and more affordable means to accessing them. Google emphasized the importance of VR during its recent I/O developer conference (though it still took a backseat to AI).
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Quiziro is the best way of learning programming languages.

This App offers you easy tutorials, Subject Notes, Programming Challenges, Most Commonly asked Interview Questions and Also allows you to test your programming knowledge by playing quiz.

Quiziro is freely available only on Playstore and doesn't shows any kind of annoying apps. So, Try it.

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