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August 1st, 2019

A beautiful aerial screensaver for your Mac

Bryce Hamrick
Bryce Hamrick- Digital Marketing & Product Strategy
The high res videos in this screensaver are mesmerizing. I use hot corners to lock my screen when I get up and walk away, sometimes I find myself pausing for a moment to enjoy the view.
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It's no secret that Facebook has been getting pretty, pretty good at recognising objects and people in your photos. So if you're worried - or just merely curious - there's now a Chrome and Firefox extension that will reveal all.
Chrome: Tons of photography apps, like Google Photos and Apple Photos, try and automatically make sense of objects in your photos and add automated tags, and it turns out Facebook does that too, even though you'd never know it. Show Facebook Computer Vision Tags is a Chrome extension that reveals all those tags.
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A jekyll website for photographer cum developer

Photography is a jekyll website for photographers. If you know Git then you can have a nice, slick online portfolio to showcase your works.

Beautiful photos from Unsplash w/ products from Product Hunt

Beautiful photos from Unsplash along with top trending products on Product Hunt in every new tab on Google Chrome.

Jenil Gogari
Jenil Gogari- Designer. Explorer. Geek.
Open a new tab with something to look forward to!
Jenil Gogari
Jenil Gogari- Designer. Explorer. Geek.
Replaces my boring new tab page with new products and photos
Jenil Gogari
Jenil Gogari- Designer. Explorer. Geek.
Try it :)
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Super quick lossless cutting of video and audio files

LosslessCut is a simple cross-platform tool for lossless trimming / cutting of video and audio files. Great for rough processing of large raw videos from a video camera, drone or GoPro. Lets you quickly extract the good parts and discard gigabytes of data. Uses ffmpeg to do the grunt work.

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