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January 1st, 2020

BlueCart - a Saas Mobile turnkey procurement platform - connects wholesale buyers with their exclusive network of suppliers in the hospitality industry. The app was built to save restaurants and suppliers time and money and does so by streamlining the ordering process so restaurants and suppliers can receive orders in real-time.

Razorpay has evolved from being a pure payment gateway to a converged payments solution. With the new products, businesses can handle all aspects related to the flow of money, right from the moment when the payment is initiated to point where it is fully reconciled and disbursed to the final destination

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We now have evolved from being a pure payment gateway to a converged payments solution, making us the first Indian fin-tech company to offer end-to-end payment solutions. With new products, we empower businesses to handle all aspects related to the flow of money. We bring to you The Future of Payments!

Anyone with a following should be able to create and earn freely without having to worry about privacy, regulation, censorship or demonetization.

Crypto DM is a decentralized messaging tool empowering you to earn Ether from supporters wishing to pay for your attention on any platform.

It's fast, free, and it's the future of messaging. ๐Ÿš€

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YouTube -- Crypto DM allows content creators and makers to earn Ether from their audiences wherever they live. Sign up with a messaging account like Telegram and share your unique link to start earning today. Join us on Telegram:ย See more
The first quarter of the year earmarked important progress for the SENSE project. We launched a thought paper introducing ideas for the SENSE Core Platform as well as an intended roadmap, and described important relationships we built with new partners around our knowledge attribution work.
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Beam is a 21st century global payments acceptance platform with built-in support for smart contracts. We created Beam to overturn the status quo in the retail value chain; where stakeholders engage with their customers in a direct, meaningful and effective manner.

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The era of search is over, and the war on data has been won. Welcome to the future of retail. In the future of retail, all our data belongs to us, the customer, and we get paid to share it. โ€ This has created a waste-free world where every product and service is perfectly matched to our needs and wants.
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Plenty of discussion around cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are around those who are either fully evangelised or are in the process of being so. Yet for many others, the benefits will hope to go through unseen. It's how technology ought to be - if it's difficult to use or in any way not a seamless ...
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Beam announced its ICO at World Blockchain Forum yesterday. The token sale will last until Q3 2018 with the aim of raising $40 million.
Exclusive A global payments acceptance platform, Beam, is combining mobile phones and blockchain technology to provide a way of providing that ease-of-use and speed necessary for retail payments. And the company believes the time is right to introduce an alternate mobile payments solution.

Hydro Pay is the first fast and feeless app in the crypto universe. No more annoying "gas" fees or charges. Pay friends and family for food, drinks, rent, tickets, and so much more with Hydro Pay! Future Hydro Pay updates will add fiat onramp and offramp

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We hope that you had an amazing week so far! The month of May has already proved to be busy, with major progress updates, some minor setbacks, and exchange listings! Let's take a look at our newest Community Update! Hydro Pay - Did You Try Turning it Off and On Again?
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