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December 1st, 2017


Fast and beautiful mobile invites

Lee Fuhr- Founder & Creative Director, Cozy
I only used it once, but it felt like what Evite would be if it was invented now. Mobile-centric, social by default, includes all the requisite pre-event details plus a chat for the event, and people can share photos and stuff into the event for some nice post-event life to the invite.
Tina Fitch- Co-founder/CEO Hobnob
Hi, Hunters! Borne of a desire to end evites in our SPAM folders, Facebook Events blasted across our social network, and group texts filled with anonymous numbers, we built Hobnob to help you send photo-based, designer invitations and manage your parties, straight from your phone. No downloads or social logins required. Easily opt out of guest discussion.… See more
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Hango 2.0

Capture the ENTIRE music festival experience

Phong Le- Co-Founder, HANGO
Hi Product Hunters! The festival attendee engagement process is a 6-8 month process starting with ticket sales and ending with reliving the actual event. The current "Festival" apps only take advantage of engagement during the actual event. We built Hango so that attendees could have a platform to carry them from before, during, and post each music festival.… See more
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Dan Fennessy- Founder at Party with a Local
Well I'm biased, because I'm the Founder, but it's definitely an app designed to discover and connect with cool people (and meet them at events) around the world.
Chris Messina- 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
Depending on what you're into (i.e. partying, clubbing, etc), this can be a useful way to find a local crowd to hang with.
Felipe Ricieri- iOS Engineer at PartyWith
This is a feature we were really excited to add to our community party experience: Events! From the first sketch to the released build we made a lot of changes in the UI to fit the UX we wanted you to have: be able to gather a crew to join that party you were looking forward to go. From the client-side, we made the steps easy for you to add on PwaL the ev… See more
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Large Text for Android

Display your text and emojis in the biggest way possible

Get your message across with big text and emojis. Write what you want and show it on your phone, fullscreen. Extremely easy to use.

Sérgio Santos- Founder & Developer @ Bloco
Hi everyone at Product Hunt! 🖐 This is my first product here 😀 Some friends of ours had made this app called Large Text, a long time ago. I even mentioned it on the Product Hunt Meetup in Lisbon, during the Web Summit. Me and @claudiaacabado decided to redo it for Android, and here it is! What's Large Text? It's a simple and fun app to display text and … See more


Simple shared photo gallery app for any kinds of events

Eventer is a hassle-free way of sharing and storing pictures whether you are at a concert, a birthday party, on holidays, a corporate events, your wedding,...

Have you ever been in a situation where you wish you had all of last night’s fun pictures? Or gone on a holiday with friends and found it hard to get all the pictures from everyone?

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