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January 1st, 2020

Ellie with patented TRUVIOLET™ technology is a portable 60 second sterilizer that kills 99.99% of germs and viruses for. It’s the most powerful, portable solution for sterilizing bottles, pacifiers and anything babies put in their mouths.. No more boiling, steaming, or worrying about melting plastic. Shipping Oct / Nov 2017

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The latest in tech has made managing our personal fitness and health way easier, not to mention, more fun! By the looks of it, this trend is sure to continue in 2017. Here are our fave picks from this year's Consumer Electronics Show:
With its almost 200,000 attendees in relatively close quarters, International CES2017 was the appropriate place to launch Ellie. RayVio CEO, Dr. Robert Walker, explains that Ellie is a solid-state, portable, ultraviolet device for removing germs from baby bottles, binkies and other items that infants would put in their respective mouths or touch with their t… See more

Sunubus is a collaborative mobile client application tive bus localization. Indeed, most solutions proposed in this area are subject to a heavy initial investment and a painful maintenance. Sunubus responds to this problem by motivating everyone to use their phone as a means of locating transmission lines.

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Par Kamel Grar. SM. Suivre n'importe quel bus à tout moment en temps réel ! C'est désormais possible pour les Dakarois. Sunubus est une application collaborative de localisation de bus. Elle est le fruit de plusieurs tentatives sans succès de mise en place d'une solution de localisation de bus fiable.

Taco Playbits is designed to equip your child with 21st century skills - Making them future ready!

⚡ 100% Screen-Free|Hands-On Tactile Play

⚡ Backed by our patent pending Technology

⚡ Play & Learn in any language

⚡ Portable-take it anywhere

⚡ Infinite play opportunities.

⚡ Make your child future ready!

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From augmented reality to gesture controls, all make for guaranteed fun-at least until the batteries run out.
While many screen-based devices can provide educational benefits for kids, research suggests that too much screen time is harmful. From warnings about eyesight damage to negative shifts in brain connectivity , many parents are struggling to find a solution, especially when their child is showing signs of screen addiction.

Deeno-saur Smart Sonic Toothbrush Connected to the Deeno App, provides an analytical platform for parents and fully integrated gamification for the kids, rewarding them for effective brushing habits. It is an incredibly fun and effective way to get children to look after their teeth properly and develop good habits from a young age for life.

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Promote dental health in a fun way with Deeno-saur Kids Smart Electric Toothbrush. By connecting to the app, this device offers a fully integrated tooth Promote dental health in a fun way with Deeno-saur Kids Smart Electric Toothbrush, which offers a fully integrated tooth brushing game.
Now I'm so excited! This is the perfect thing for my daughter - she's a terror cleaning her teeth and now she has something that will give her MORE incentive (as if non mouldy teeth wasn't enough 🙄) Deeno-saur Smart Electric Toothbrush a Bluetooth-enabled electric toothbrush for kids, the latest in Health Tech smart devices.
Today, Friday 5th October - World Smile Day - "deeno" launches their Kickstarter campaign to make kids fall in love with brushing their teeth through the use of gamification and the virtual Tamagotchi-like pet Deeno. The credit for the World Smile Day goes to Harvey Ball.
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We all know that children don't brush their teeth as well as they should, no matter how much us parents remind and nag them to do it. My children's smiles have brightened and my need to nag has lightened over the past couple of months as they've been using Deeno-Saur toothbrushes!
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