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March 1st, 2019

The battery-free wheel-mounted bike lights

Arara is a bicycle lighting system that will never need a battery. It lights up a cyclist’s entire wheel, guaranteeing a safer ride without the hassle of changing batteries.

The world's first gummy for sun protection

Sundots are the world's first gummy for sun protection.

Sunscreen just isn’t enough. Sundots help fill the gaps.

Developed by a Harvard-trained dermatology researcher, Sundots are based on polypodium leucotomos, a fern extract backed by 30+ years of sun protection science:

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While complete cloud cover do help decrease UV exposure, broken clouds and partly-cloudy skies can reflect and enhance exposure. Additionally, in the winter time the sun is still shining.... Snow can reflect up to 80% of sunlight and cause sunburn. As a result sun protection is important 365-days per year.
They look like Dots, the cone-shaped gumdrops in multiple colors that for generations have stuck to people's teeth. But these drops come in only one color, amber, and pack an extract that its champions say does something no ordinary candy ingredient can do: protect skin from the sun.
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E-board that pushes, carves & pumps like traditional one.

The Dualomo™ Hybrid is the world's first high-performance electric board designed to push, carve and pump more like a traditional longboard.

Push it naturally or use the handheld remote to power up fast; it's your life (and we just made it 1000% more fun).

The ultimate outdoor networking device

Ever been in a situation where you can't get any help while on an adventure? A situation you reached for your phone and there's no signal?

GoHeart Mesh is an off grid networking device with that allows users to get help, track friends and talk to them without needing internet or telecommunication signal.

Officially shipping September 2018

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Exploring the backcountry often leaves you without a cell phone signal or network connection, which can be detrimental in the event of an injury or if you lose your way. GoHeart Mesh solves this problem by providing for the ability to communicate among others without a signal or connection.
Geeky Gadgets
GoHeart is a new outdoor networking device which creates a mesh and has been designed to provide the "ultimate" outdoor networking system with a user-friendly interface. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the unique GoHeart Mesh system
Reach 1,000 degrees of grilling heat with Mr. Steak's latest grill, the Portable Infrared Grill. While 1,000 degrees may be very hot, the infrared technology lets the grill heat to your desired temperature within two minutes. The Portable Infrared Grill is designed for travel, whether camping or at the beach.
GoHeart - The 'GoHeart' is an advanced piece of equipment that will provide travelers with enhanced peace-of-mind when going on an adventure solo...

Collapsible bike helmet 🚴‍♂️🧢

Park & Diamond™ is an ultra-portable, stylish and collapsible bike helmet that looks and feels like a traditional baseball cap.

🚴‍♂️ Collapsible, comfortable and breathable

🚴‍♂️ Stylish and replaceable skin

🚴‍♂️ Hand washable layers

🚴‍♂️ Weighs 8 oz

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Bike helmets can look dorky and are often too bulky to stash in a bag. The Park & Diamond is a new helmet designed to solve both of those problems, resembling a baseball cap when it's on your head and collapsing down to the size of a water bottle when it's not.
Fast Company
Three years ago, while David Hall was an engineering student at Virginia Tech, his sister was hit by a car while riding her bike. "She spent the next four months in a coma," he says. "Throughout that time period, we were asked all the time: 'Was she wearing a helmet?'
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