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August 1st, 2019

Instagram for Fishing - Log, Share, and Compete

Drophook Fishing App is like Instagram for Fishing. Influencer marketing allows users to make educated impulse buys in the social feed with a few taps. Compete in weekly tournaments, connect with fellow anglers, meet new fishing friends, or find fishing guides and products. Currently raising a seed round to build out monetization.

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The story behind DROPHOOK, Mobile & Web Social Network for those who Love Fishing. Complete Roadmap of Development Process from Idea to App Delivery.
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Fantastic, intuitive app to explore #NationalParks

Kunal Bhatia
Kunal Bhatia- Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
As much as I love inspiration sites for design, I got lost in them very quickly especially early in my career. I didn't accomplish much, and had hundreds of tabs open on my laptop. I'd recommend getting outside and searching for experiences that need help. A former Product Manager at Microsoft told me that she wanted to find a way to digitally distribute MS … See more

The app to plan, enjoy and share your mountain activities

Whympr is mountain and outdoor social app which allows you to find all the information you to do your mountain activity (trekking, climbing, mountaineering, ski touring).

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Le Messager
Fondée par deux cousins originaires de Chamonix, l'application Whympr a pour volonté de centraliser toutes les informations disponibles sur les activités de plein air en montagne dans une seule et même application. Lancée il y a environ 2 ans, l'application Whympr connaît des débuts prometteurs.
Onze entrepreneurs ont été retenus pour intégrer l'incubateur d'Outdoor Sports Valley. Cette année, 49 candidats souhaitant intégrer AnnecyBase Camp se sont manifestés.Onze d'entre eux ont été finalement retenus pour intégrer l'incubateur d'Outdoor Sports Valley. La troisième promotion de l'incubateur d'Annecy Base Camp a attiré 49 candidats (7 de plus que l… See more
Voilà une application qui va plaire aux montagnards !Deux jeunes Chamoniards viennent de développer une application téléphone qui répertorie les itinéraires de montagne. Images, descriptions et niveau de difficulté... Elle permet de planifier ses courses afin de partir à l'assaut d'un sommet.Et cette application porte le nom d'un grand alpiniste.
Montagnes Magazine : actu montagne, topo et test de matériel d'alpinisme, ski rando et de randonnée
Cette année, quatre projets ont été récompensés par le Cluster Montagne : un système de sécurisation des professionnels chargés du déclenchement préventif des avalanches (V-M-A), le site de mise en relation des accompagnateurs de moyenne montagne avec les pratiquants Randoportail, un système de paiement cashless (Izipay) qui a fait l'objet d'une mention spéc… See more
Terre d'aventure, la vallée de Chamonix compte depuis juin 2017 des aventuriers d'un nouveau genre. Tim MacLean et Xavier Bougouin ont en effet créé ...
The idea of Whympr is to help young people who love the mountain to prepare, enjoy and share their mountain trip. This app is named after the great mountaineer Edouard Whymper, the first man to climb the Matterhorn (12th highest peak in the Alps).
Salut Tim, peux-tu nous expliquer la genèse du projet Whympr et pourquoi s'être lancé dans cette aventure ? Avec Xavier, mon cousin, nous sommes d'origine chamoniarde et passionnés de montagne. Nos parcours professionnels nous ont éloigné de la vallée.
objectif montagne
Whympr is an easy-to-use and ergonomic application with several thousand routes to manage our mountain trips. Ergonomic, 5 buttons provide access to: list recent outings display an IGN (or 3D) map with culmen, passes, cliffs ... add a new output look for a route / summit manage your profile Really interesting, the ability to manage his wishes list.
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Bored? Meet and find friends spontaneously in one tap! Ꙭ

Are you bored? Wanna be spontaneous?

IveTime stands for "I have time" Ꙭ.

Who of my friends have time - right now?

Press the IveTime Button: IveTime tells you.

No idea where to meet?!

IveTime suggests you a venue in the middle - fair for all, isn't it?

No idea what to do?!

Let IveTime make a guess for you.

Discover outdoor adventures and Meetup events near you

Awayn App is a tool to help you discover outdoor adventures shared by the members of our community, gears they've used and recommendations they have. You can also contact one our “Local Tour Guides” to show you around.

Ben Cleaver
Ben Cleaver- Media middle man in
You can find both outdoor adventures and outdoor meetups & events nearby
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Sun Safety Coach and UV Index Forecast app

UVIMate is the smartest way to have a safe time outdoors, stay sunburn free and track Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) all around the globe.

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Skin cancer cases are on rising. Yes, we use sunscreen, we wear hats and trying to avoid sunlight at midday but it still takes lives of 2/3 Australians and 1/5 Americans every year. What are we doing wrong? That happened just after our arrival in West Oz.
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Augmented skyline to identify things in the distance

Horizon Explorer shows you the horizon and skyline around you. Point your camera at a hill, village, lake or landmark and Horizon Explorer will show you a map, and augment the camera view with the distance, altitude and name of the point you're aiming at.

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