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December 1st, 2017


Create and share personalized journeys

Hey guys, we made the site during 2014 as our side project to plan and share trips with our family members and friends. Later this year we are planning to release ability to create premium content so that independent tour guides, photographers and most creative adventurers could sell their work.
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Inspiration app for stories about travel and outdoor culture

Martin Ahe- UX/UI Designer
Hey guys, my name is Martin and I led the team that created Wonders. We've developed this app to inspire people to go and play outside. After 3 months of development, I am very happy to have just launched Wonders to the App Store and am super curious what you think of it. :)
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Hitlist 3.0

Plan, share, and book trips with friends

Dan Fennessy- Founder at Party with a Local
Hitlist is great because you don't even need to search for flights - you just let it know where you're interested in going & they send you the best options as they come up. Amazing deals sometimes! Especially if you are a bit flexible on dates.
Gillian Morris- CEO, Hitlist
Disclosure: I'm the founder of Hitlist. But we do our best to do exactly what you're saying: offer inspiration of places both known and off the beaten track. You can sort destinations by type (whale watching? Vegan friendly?), budget, the time that you're free to travel, and more. You can also see where your friends have been and ask them for tips if you cho… See more
Chris Messina- 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
Hitlist is less useful when you're not flexible, but when you have a destination in mind but don't really have a specific travel date to aim for, this is what you need.
Gillian Morris- CEO, Hitlist
... and just found out that we're featured as a Best New App in the App Store this week. It must have been Product Hunt that won them over :) Thanks again @chrismessina for hunting
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Work Hard Anywhere

The best laptop-friendly cafes and workspaces

Arne Hendriksen- Designer, developer & maker
Great app for finding the best places to work from!
Benson Chou- Co-founder, Work Hard Anywhere
Hey PHunters! I’m Benson, co-creator of Work Hard Anywhere, an iPhone (Android to come) app that helps you discover the best laptop-friendly cafes & workspaces. Work may be hard, but finding a place to work shouldn’t be. Before WHA, my buddy Cody (@cokodude) and I bootstrapped several projects in the past, and since we don’t live near each other, we'd … See more
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A smart way to save iTunes content for later. Apps, movies, music and more - all can be lookmarked!

Save Data

Don’t waste your data by downloading content over a cellular network. Lookmark notifies you when Wi-Fi is available.

On the Desktop

The Lookmark browser extension lets you lookmark content from web pages on your computer.

Claes Jacobsson- Creator of Lookmark
Hi all! Today, Lookmark 2 was released :-) Posted on PH at
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The simplest way to record and share your travels

Tim Fernando- CEO, Esplorio
@riaface thanks so much for posting us! It's so great hearing your enthusiasm! Hi everyone! We’re really excited to be hunted today and would love to chat or answer any questions you may have. :-) I'm Tim, with Sean and Essa, we're the three founders of Esplorio. The three of us met in Oxford, UK after having lived on a few different continents and with va… See more
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Plan your next trip in less than 5 minutes

Jonathon Blok- Developer
Hi Product Hunters. I'm here all day and really keen to hear any feedback, good or bad! I made this app because I often go on city breaks/long weekends with my friends but don't have time to properly plan for what to do there. Tripfix enables you to make your own itinerary using tinder-esque swiping. It was released yesterday and I've got 30 city guides in … See more
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Guides by Lonely Planet

Explore city guides curated by experts.

Ben Tossell- Partner, The Upstarters
Lonely Planet is an amazing company for travellers and this app is no exception. I wish they had more places on there but what they do have is pretty awesome. I expect nothing less from LP
Guillaume Broder- Mobile Developer
A really great app with nice guides and all the best places to see. You an also download the guide to read offline which can be really helpful.
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Eliminate time zones and make scheduling calls a breeze

Michal Reichl- marketing, Tapmates
Hi everyone and thanks for the opportunity to be on Product Hunt! I'm Michal from Tapmates, the creators of Shift. We really enjoy having a remote team, but there has always been one issue with that - scheduling a call which included colleagues from more than one time zone. It was a true nightmare. There were dozens of midnight calls starting “Oh, you sound… See more
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Your perfect trip, in just a few taps

Rod Matveev- Student / iOS developer / UI designer
Hi everyone, excited to be on Product Hunt for the first time 😊 Voyagic is different to other travel apps in one key way - speed. Just choose a city, select a few personalisation options and in a few seconds you’ll get a beautiful timeline of the best attractions, restaurants and nightlife that you can visit in a single day. Save as many trips as you want… See more
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