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October 1st, 2018


The best privacy protection against webcam hacking

Simone Rinaldi
I neither ever tried this one, but seems the best and the cheapest option on the market with their family pack that include 5 privacy webcam cover for 20,00€.

INFINITE is the only cooler that combines fun and functionality into one.

It isn't often that folks get burned by a cooler, but it happened in 2014 when the Coolest Cooler crowdfunded its way to more than $13 million in preorders from over 60,000 backers. With a high-end design and unique features like a built-in blender and Bluetooth speaker, the $500 cooler was crowdfunding's ultimate summer romance.
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You don't see this kind of crowdfunding success very often. Meet Infinite-the "Swiss Army Knife" of coolers. Infinite is the world's most versatile, smart cooler. The only cooler that combines fun and functionality into one. Infinite Cooler is a new crowdfunded product that ...
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Pocket Translator and Global Wi-Fi

Designed to handle life on the go, Langogo is your smart travel buddy for global traveling. Powered by AI, it is:

✅ Your language pass to 60 spoken languages

✅ Your 24-hour AI voice travel buddy

✅ Your global Wi-Fi hotspot in 72 countries

Anywhere, anytime, travel and connect with Langogo.

Power Junkie

Charge & power all your devices, gadgets and cameras 🎥🔋

No need to rely on multiple power banks, stacks of batteries and chargers to get you through your expedition. The power Junkie turns any Sony NP-F into a portable powering solution.

It doesn't stop there, the Power Junkie is also a charger for your NP-F batteries. It's a one-stop​ shop for your portable powering needs.

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eScooter that runs 100+km on a single charge 🛵

NIU is optimistic about the future of living in cities. We are here to free you from urban congestion, and to inspire you to unlock the potential of your city.

🛵 World's #1 Smart eScooter

🛵 Bosch Motor + Panasonic Battery

🛵 100km+ on a single-charge

🛵 APP Connected

🛵 GPS Security

🛵 €0.30* / 100km

Wang Xiao Pian, 38, said she began selling Niu scooters in 2015 and opened a store in Beijing's central east Dongcheng district in April 2017. She said the store sold more than 300 scooters in August, and at least as many in September so far.
While electric scooters (Vespa-style, not Razor-style) are not very widespread yet in the US, they are quickly becoming the most common form of transportation in Chinese cities. This is largely due to environmentally sustainable government policies which make gas-powered motorcycles and scooters either illegal or impractically expensive in Chinese cities.
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