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December 1st, 2017


Create and share personalized journeys

Hey guys, we made the site during 2014 as our side project to plan and share trips with our family members and friends. Later this year we are planning to release ability to create premium content so that independent tour guides, photographers and most creative adventurers could sell their work.
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Hitlist 3.0

Plan, share, and book trips with friends

Dan Fennessy- Founder at Party with a Local
Hitlist is great because you don't even need to search for flights - you just let it know where you're interested in going & they send you the best options as they come up. Amazing deals sometimes! Especially if you are a bit flexible on dates.
Gillian Morris- CEO, Hitlist
Disclosure: I'm the founder of Hitlist. But we do our best to do exactly what you're saying: offer inspiration of places both known and off the beaten track. You can sort destinations by type (whale watching? Vegan friendly?), budget, the time that you're free to travel, and more. You can also see where your friends have been and ask them for tips if you cho… See more
Chris Messina- 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
Hitlist is less useful when you're not flexible, but when you have a destination in mind but don't really have a specific travel date to aim for, this is what you need.
Gillian Morris- CEO, Hitlist
... and just found out that we're featured as a Best New App in the App Store this week. It must have been Product Hunt that won them over :) Thanks again @chrismessina for hunting
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Guides by Lonely Planet

Explore city guides curated by experts.

Ben Tossell- Partner, The Upstarters
Lonely Planet is an amazing company for travellers and this app is no exception. I wish they had more places on there but what they do have is pretty awesome. I expect nothing less from LP
Guillaume Broder- Mobile Developer
A really great app with nice guides and all the best places to see. You an also download the guide to read offline which can be really helpful.
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Horizon for Android

Short and midrange stays within trusted networks

Drew Meyers- Co-Founder, Horizon
I'm Drew, one of the co-founders of @getHorizonapp. We're excited to finally release our beta of Horizon for Android with new support for sublets. The app enables you to list your sublet opportunity with an indicator of whether you can offer a floor, couch, room, or apartment along with a paragraph to explain the situation (dates, price, pets, etc) & l… See more


Eliminate time zones and make scheduling calls a breeze

Michal Reichl- marketing, Tapmates
Hi everyone and thanks for the opportunity to be on Product Hunt! I'm Michal from Tapmates, the creators of Shift. We really enjoy having a remote team, but there has always been one issue with that - scheduling a call which included colleagues from more than one time zone. It was a true nightmare. There were dozens of midnight calls starting “Oh, you sound… See more
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Invoicing, Expenses, Contracts & Payments for your business

Mario Gabriele- Willo
Multiple currencies/different languages super useful for clients overseas. Or expensing overseas, but getting paid USD
Arielle Crane
If you're a freelancer working from home or remote, this app is a great resource to help you run your business. You can manage all your expenses, income and invoices in any currency, AND CO automatically converts everything with real-time and historical conversion rate data. It's all built with a smart workflow so you can have some piece of mind while workin… See more
Arielle Crane
best way to set your business up for success - allows you to send contracts and invoices right through the app plus it's super easy to use. my favorite features are the expense + time tracking to keep up with my work and stay organized.
Leif Abraham- Co-founder @ANDCO, Partner @Prehype
Thanks @bradyoriginal for hunting AND CO! My co-founder Martin and I both turned freelance at the same time and ran against the wall of needing to find out how to set ourselves up, learning the basics of running our businesses etc. We realized there is no place to go to just sign up and be done with it. So we decided to build it. AND CO is part technology… See more
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Couchsurfing Hangouts

Meet nearby travelers and locals, no planning required

Patrick Bollenbach- I make websites
100% the best way to meet people quickly. I've used it in Bali, Singapore, Toronto, Berlin... instantly meet up with people, locals and travelers. I honestly use this every few days when I get bored, it's great.
Alli Shea- Surfing all the couches
Thanks for hunting us, Jack! Incredibly excited about this. People primarily use Couchsurfing to stay with a local when they're traveling, or to host travelers coming to their town. But we heard from members that they wanted an easier, more spontaneous way to meet up with one another (think: you're traveling with family and already have accommodations so… See more
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Croissant 2.0

Unlock the hottest coworking spaces in your city

Nisha Garigarn- Co-founder, Croissant
Hey Hunters!! I’m Nisha, co-maker of Croissant. Our app gets you access to a curated selection of inspiring workspaces. We are now LIVE in San Francisco and New York City *yay* PH Exclusive We are giving away a free 10-hour trial to anyone who signs up today! Your trial starts when you first use the app, so grab it even if you can't use it this week :) Th… See more
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Dan Fennessy- Founder at Party with a Local
Well I'm biased, because I'm the Founder, but it's definitely an app designed to discover and connect with cool people (and meet them at events) around the world.
Chris Messina- 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
Depending on what you're into (i.e. partying, clubbing, etc), this can be a useful way to find a local crowd to hang with.
Felipe Ricieri- iOS Engineer at PartyWith
This is a feature we were really excited to add to our community party experience: Events! From the first sketch to the released build we made a lot of changes in the UI to fit the UX we wanted you to have: be able to gather a crew to join that party you were looking forward to go. From the client-side, we made the steps easy for you to add on PwaL the ev… See more
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PomoDone is the easiest way to track your workflow using Pomodoro technique, on top of your current task management service.

Sergej Fedorovič
I am switching working environments all the time (5 offices, 3 projects) and had huge problems with concentration on specific tasks. There is always distraction. I tried many tools for Pomodoro technique, but stayed with Pomodone as it is seamlessly integrated both with with all tools I use every day: MS (outlook) Tasks, Trello, Slack, Asana. Very important … See more
Alex Mauzon
It helps me apply Pomodoro Technique on top of my current workflow environment (Trello, Todoist and Evernote), and receive a measurable reports anytime (+ via email). Skyrocketed productivity FTW
Philipp Smirnov- Business Development Manger, Yandex
PomoDone has become a crucial piece in my productivity routine. I've tested many Pomodoro Timers, but this one is by far the best, that I've encounter. My favourite feature — the ability to log all tasks into my calendar on mac. This is a gamechanger for me. Besides, the interface is really neat — clean, simple, easy to navigate. Waiting for OmniFocus int… See more
Alex Mauzon
Hi, I am Alex from PomoDone App team. I'm in love with Pomodoro technique for years, but I'm tired for duplicating my tasks or combining some task management environment (and I use plenty of it because of client's requirements) with time tracking software and pomodoro apps. Kitchen timer is great, but my pockets are usually filled with other things, and I … See more
Forbes France
La sérendipité, cette façon aléatoire de se laisser porter de lien en lien, de site en site, poussé par la simple curiosité, pourrait bien être tout à la fois une source d'inspiration formidable et la principale cause de perte de productivité et de concentration du travailleur contemporain.
Apps can help students get better organized, study for tests and prepare research papers. In other words, they can help the user do his or her very best work. Whether or not you are a student, here are some apps worth considering.
The Pomodoro technique is designed to improve one's focus by alternating work sessions with short brakes. PomoDoneApp makes use of this concept, while also integrating with various task management services. Create an account and start connecting services to make them easily accessible PomoDoneApp is connected to an account-based service, so you cannot access… See more
If you often hit a productivity wall after a few hours of work, a Pomodoro timer could help you keep your focus. This selection of timers has an option for every platform.
The Inspired Office
Speaking of Chrome extensions, the same client who used the Jot app also shared with me the Pomodone App, also a productivity Chrome extension. Subscribers and clients know that the Pomodoro Technique is my lifesaver productivity technique, focusing your work into 25 minute spurts. Pomodone
The Pomodoro Technique is a simple way to protect against burnout and manage distractions by focusing work in short, timeboxed bursts. PomoDoneApp combines the effectiveness of Pomodoro-style time management with task tracking so you can get more work done in less time. With easy access to the timer right in ...
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