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March 1st, 2019

Sails.js, News, SlackAPI, Slack App

slack-newspipe_v2 is a simple news reader with which you can additionally share interesting news to colleagues.

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Read and share news in Slack

Breaking news according to political bias 🗞

Partial Press is a bias-aware news aggregator. Created as a drop-in replacement for Google News in the age of fake news. It marks breaking headlines as coming from liberal-friendly (blue) or conservative-friendly (red) news outlets. Like a health warning before you click 👩‍⚕️— to make you aware of where you get your daily intake. Uses

10 Alternatives to Partial Press

Simple open source rss reader for desktop.

Simple desktop RSS Reader made for desktop. It's very simple reader with no distraction like social media sharing or recommendation. Simply subscribe to your favourite feeds and stay up to date directly on your desktop. No user account needed !

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Raven Reader is a beautiful, cross-platform RSS reading application. It is open source, built with modern web technologies and makes catching up with news over RSS a breeze. In this guide, we'll go over how to install Raven RSS Reader on Linux.
The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide
I have used RSS on-again and off-again for many years. It's a great way to aggregate the news you want to read, from sources all over the web. The problem with it, for me, has always been based on the client. Generally, the user experience and design of them has always been a bit clunky; ...
OMG! Ubuntu!
Raven is a relatively new open source RSS reader app for Windows, macOS and Linux (hurrah) that I've been eager to try out. This week I finally found some time to dig into this deliciously well designed desktop RSS feed reader, and in this post I'll provide you with an overview of what it does, what it can't do, and how I think it could be even better.
Die RSS-Renaissance sorgt schon seit Wochen für eine Flut an Software-Neuveröffentlichungen, die sich um einen Platz auf eurem Mac bewerben. Nach den bereits auf vorgestellten Kandidaten Cappuccino und Winds sowie dem RSS-Reader RiverNews, der seinerseits mit einem Twitter-Look-and-Feel antritt, bietet sich der schlichte RSS Reader nun für Nutzer mit… See more

Scan through all the headlines for the day

The Daily Lore is a simple news aggregation website for quickly scanning through the day’s headlines. The news sources are displayed randomly to encourage getting the news from a variety of sources. The site also won’t show you the same article more than once. If you refresh or visit the site later in the day, you’ll only see new articles.

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