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January 1st, 2019

Current time for Flash Briefing is an Alexa skill that puts the current US time in your Flash Briefing. Don't know why it's not in there by default, so I added it :)

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Current Time for Alexa Flash Briefing - Get the current US time in your Flash Briefing

Convert Web Articles into an Audio Podcast Feed

Hey this is Ambrose - I've made My Orator for the busy professional who needs to catch up on their reading list.

There are no recommendations or distractions so that you can focus on what you wanted to listen to.

This is the easiest way to convert text to audio and have it available on all devices.

Ambrose Leung
Ambrose Leung- Solving 1st world problems
My service works on all platforms - you just email the article URL to an email address (or use the Chrome Extension) and it will be added to your list your personal podcast feed is automatically updated as well. the unique feature that my service has is that you can tag articles and have them played by tag on the Amazon Echo. Obviously the parser may not … See more
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My Orator is a service that takes your saved articles and converts them into spoken text so you can play it on your phone or Amazon Echo. Here are answers to a few questions I keep getting. What was your motivation in making this? Who is the intended user?
It's 2.13 am right now - I woke up in the middle of the night to do a brain dump of my thought because I'm excited to see what will happen later today when Justin Jackson posts the side project...
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Daily space tourism headlines delivered straight to you

Space Tourism Headlines is an Amazon Alexa skill that delivers daily space tourism briefings straight to your echo device. Space tourism is on the cusp of going mainstream w/ major news happening on a regular basis. If you're interested in space tourism & want to catch up on the news on a regular basis, add this flash briefing to get daily updates.

Keep up to date on upcoming rocket launches and news.

Major companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin, World View Enterprises, and Virgin Galactic are leading the way into a new generation of spaceflight, capitalizing on the technology and industry developments of NASA, Boeing, and Orbital ATK. Each week, hear upcoming rocket launches from around the world from the launch calendar at

Live radio from a nationwide network of NPR stations

A listener-centric reboot of NPR station streaming for Alexa. Now when you ask Alexa to "play NPR", you can choose the station to save as your preferred NPR station. And, there are more cues around what station you're listening to, how to change your station, and help finding other nearby stations.

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More people are listening to National Public Radio as if it's ... radio. As consumers adopt smart speakers like Apple's HomePod, Amazon's Echo line and Google Home, they are using the voice assistant to get NPR programming wherever they are in their homes without using mobile phones, laptops or tablets, or an actual radio.

What's happening this week in the night sky?

Each week there are awe-inspiring shows taking over the night sky. From eclipses to meteor showers, there's always something going on that is worth seeking out. We'll keep you in the know for what's happening this week in the night sky so you can get out and be inspired.

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