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August 1st, 2019

RentHoop is the best mobile app for finding roommates. We're available on iOS and Android phones!

Nick Abouzeid
Nick Abouzeid- Partner @ Shrug Capital
There's a Tinder for everything...
Paul Burke
Paul Burke- CEO and Co-Founder, RentHoop
Thanks for recommending us Nick!
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NBC News
From a young age, Paul Burke knew he was going to be an entrepreneur. "In junior high, I used to stuff tons of soda and candy in my backpack and sell it to my friends at school," he told NBC News. "It's just kind of always been in my blood."
A new app is gaining popularity to help people find roommates. It's called RentHoop or as the creator calls it 'Tinder for roommates.' Paul Burke, a 2014 graduate of Western Washington University, came up with the idea in his mom's house in Redmond. He then teamed up with programmers to create the app.
Launched this spring by Paul Burke, a graduate of Western Washington University, the app aims to take the guesswork and tediousness out of the roommate-finding process by using the swipe model. Swipe right on potential roommates if you think they'd be a good fit, and swipe left if you'd rather pass.
Fresh out of college, Paul Burke went to hear Zillow and Expedia co-founder Rich Barton speak at a Startup Week event in Seattle. His mother, who also attended, expressed concern to Barton about her son's entrepreneurial ambitions. "Go for it," Barton said, later adding that "he is the most risk-loving and capable of taking risk on in his career at this poin… See more
A new app mimics Tinder's format to streamline the process of finding a roommate.
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Collaborative luggage storage network (iOS, Android, Web)

Nannybag allows travelers to store their luggage in partner hotels and stores, which offers a lighter way to travel and a new way to discover cities to our users. Before a check-in, after a check-out or even during stopovers periods, the service is available in 230 cities across Europe, and recently expanded to the US, Mexico and Brazil.

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New York City Travel Tips
If you are staying in an apartment in New York, the owner may not allow you to leave your bags there on the day of your arrival or departure from the city. Most hotels can store your luggage, but if not, you have to find a solution for your suitcases.
Skyscanner France
Vous faites escale dans une ville que vous souhaitez prendre le temps de visiter ? Vos bagages vont naturellement vous gêner pour profiter pleinement de votre balade. Pourquoi ne pas les placer dans une consigne. C'est simple et sécurisé et cela vous laissera libre de vos mouvements.
There is a great article in today's New York Times by Stephanie Rosenbloom about the emerging luggage storage industry. The focus is on the storefront model (don't worry we sent Stephanie a little reminder that the mobile model is here too).
You've just landed at your travel destination, but the Airbnb won't be available for a few hours. What to do? You could start exploring the city, but nothing ruins that exhilarating experience more than having to drag around heavy luggage.
The Getaway For less than the cost of a Starbucks latte, a surprising variety of businesses - delis, dry cleaners, mobile phone stores - will look after your bags so you can sightsee hands-free.
Consigne Bagage Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux et partout en France.
Voici neuf jeunes pousses qui devraient vous aider à planifier vos vacances, même à la dernière minute. Suivez le guide !
Le plus grand réseau de consignes à bagages ! Nannybag permet aux voyageurs du monde entier de stocker leurs bagages dans des boutiques et des hôtels pour profiter pleinement de leur journée.
Consigne Bagage Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux et partout en France.
La start-up cherche à lever des fonds pour se développer en Europe et proposer des lieux de stockage pour les affaires des voyageurs dans toutes les grandes capitales du Vieux continent. Le JDN et la plateforme de mise en relation pour entrepreneurs et investisseurs qualifiés FundMe présentent le pitch d'une start-up en recherche de financements.

Connects you to local drivers who can help you move stuff

Phlatbed connects you to local drivers who can help you move stuff or remove junk, including labor. Moving stuff with Phlatbed is easy, fast, fair, and affordable, the way you deserve to experience it. You can request or provide moving services based on need, location and price.

This eliminates waste, and turns idle capital into revenue sources.

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Norwalk, CT, May 12, 2018 --( Phlatbed Inc., the provider of a peer-to-peer application that helps people and businesses move personal items by connecting them to local drivers, announced that it received an initial round of funding from Connecticut Innovations (CI), Connecticut's strategic venture capital firm.
The Hour
Nearing the summer moving season, a Norwalk startup debuted Friday a platform for people to secure help from truck owners, not dissimilar to Uber's services for hailing rides. Phlatbed has received funding from the state's Connecticut Innovations venture capital firm.
The Hour
Backed by the state of Connecticut and a Norwalk tech CEO, a startup aims to raise up to $2 million as it develops an app allowing people to hail truck owners who can help them move bulky items on short notice.
9 Alternatives to Phlatbed

A home inventory app to record, search and locate items fast

Users can customize their floor plan based on their house, add a digital AR sticker to know exact location of the item, and share information with friends, family and roommates. Create unlimited tags to know what is in the storage location recorded.

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Great ideas often seem obvious once you've heard them, which could explain why a new augmented reality app from Singaporean startup Helios sounds like something that must have been done before. Launching this month, WIZT uses AR to record locations of objects at your home or business, creating smartphone maps and searchable lists so you can instantly retriev… See more
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