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November 1st, 2017


Social movie discovery to make Hollywood yours

Rajesh Sharma- software architect
Being a big time movie person myself, i always wanted to have something like @Movielala app - something that can give me a easy access to everything related to movies that I care about. It's an amazing experience to be a part of the team building it!
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TVShow Time 2.0

Track your TV shows and comment them with memes

Antonio Pinto- CEO, TVShow Time
Hi, I'm Antonio, co-founder of TVShow Time. We're launching today a total revamp of our iPhone and Android app: more beautiful, more simple and more social. TVShow Time is a TV show tracker. What makes it unique is our integrated meme editor. Instead of commenting their episode with text, people do it with memes they create right from the app. 6000 memes a… See more
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Talk about movies with friends

Eric Ying- Co-Founder and CEO, Popcorn
Hey folks, this is Eric Ying, co-creator and CEO of Popcorn. When Larry and I first talked about creating a social movie app that people might want to use, we started with a question: What movies are my friends talking about? From there, the idea of giving people a quick and fun way to find out about movies to watch (Or avoid) quickly emerged. Uniquely, P… See more
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Find great movies, music, books and people

Pavel Pekanov- Product Director @ various projects
There are a couple of deals worth mentioning: 1) Early Adopter program All users registered till November 1 are granted 2 months of Pro subscription. Those users among the Early Adopters who provide extensive and supportive feedback will get a prolongated Pro subscription up to 1 year. 2) DISQVR Experts Experts are people who really enjoy helping others … See more
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Movie night decision making made easy for tvOS

Darcy Laycock- Bit Wrangler, Gyde
Hi All! I'm Darcy, The Tech Lead at Gyde and the maker behind Decyde. I'd love to see what you all think of it. It's still very raw - hacked together in the time between the Apple TV SDK release and the last few days, so if you have any questions about tvOS as well, I'd love to answer them.
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Yahoo Video Guide

A search engine for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO & more

Robby Stein- Product Director @ Instagram
Hey Product Hunt! I'm thrilled to share that today we went live with Yahoo Video Guide, a brand new app on iOS and Android that we see as the first step in bringing you an easier, faster way to find and stream your favorite movies and TV shows in the cord-cutting age. As our favorite films and shows have flowed out of the cable-box and into dozens of apps, w… See more
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Wikia Fan App for: Star Wars

The superfan's guide to Star Wars, in your pocket

Stanley Tran- Apps Product Manager, Wikia
Wookieepedia or, which has just celebrated its 10th anniversary, has long been known as an online encyclopedia for information on the Star Wars universe and one of Wikia’s most prolific fan communities. Just over a year ago, we decided to create a platform that empowering these fan communities to create their own, unique app experiences. N… See more
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1 Second Everyday

Turn your favorite moments into meaningful movies.

1 Second Everyday is a modern day visual diary. Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life. Stitch moments of your life together into a single, continuous chronological movie.

Cesar Kuriyama- Founder/Principal, 1 Second Everyday
Happy Holidays fellow Product Hunters! I'm the founder of 1 Second Everyday. An app that stitches the moments of your life into a single continuous chronological movie. We just released a new feature called Freestyle! Create movies from your favorite videos, 1 second at a time. Enjoy this heartwarming Christmas video captured this week in NYC to get a … See more
Fast Company
Two days after launching a Kickstarter project, Cesar Kuriyama found himself bombarded with questions and requests. It was tempting to work around the clock. But at 6 p.m., he got up from his desk and went for a bike ride. Because he needed to find a moment worth recording.
Cesar Kuriyama has had quite a run in the past two years. After working in the advertising business for five years, Cesar quit his job to take a year off. During that time he started working on a passion project called 1 Second Everyday (1SE). The concept was simple: every [...]
Assigning myself the project of recording a one-second video every day in 2015 seemed, on Jan. 1, as if it would propel me into a year of adventure, of never saying no when there's footage to be found outside my apartment walls. That's not quite the way it worked out.
As a writer at a site that covers a lot of startups, I hear the same line a few times a week: "We just wanted to make something that makes peoples lives better." 1 Second Everyday actually has made my life better... and it's done so without really having to do much of anything at all.
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Letterboxd for iPhone

The popular social network for film lovers in your pocket

Letterboxd for iPhone brings the popular social network for movie lovers to Apple’s handsets. Log, rate + review films as you watch them; browse or search our database of films, directors, cast + crew; follow your friends’ actvity; make + share lists; and much more. Join our community of half a million film fans and discover something new to watch.

Anom B.- Writer
Well, I love watching movies. I also can keep diary of what movies I've watched, create a watch list, see what other people think, etc. IIRC, there's Android app being developed (an alpha was released to Patrons on December 2016).
Beloved film social network Letterboxd has today delivered something fans of the movie-tracking and review-sharing site have long desired: A handy mobile app to really take things on the move. The company announced this morning the release of their much-anticipated iPhone app, now available in the Apple App store.
Letterboxd News
App. This week we launched our Letterboxd iPhone app as a free download through Apple's App Store. We're ecstatic to put this app in your pocket (18,000 of you have grabbed it already!), and...
Letterboxd is a fantastic website if you want to keep track of movies you've watched, read compelling reviews or build and share movie lists. And yet, Letterboxd also has a few flaws. Its website is incredibly slow, and there wasn't any mobile app. The company is fixing one of these flaws by finally releasing an iPhone app.
The Next Web
Letterboxd, for lack of better way to explain, is IMDB, but actually good. Built in Auckland, New Zealand, the company's website is a social network for movies that lets you track which films you've seen, the ones you want to see and what your friends are watching.
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Track movies and tv shows

Karan Shah- Co-Founder, The Great Brown Think Tank
Now Search for your favourite TV Shows & Movies in one app! Teeevo helps you seamlessly track Trending and Popular TV Shows & Movies, on the iPhone and the iPad. Along with this, also keep check for the Upcoming TV Shows & Movies and their Box Office Collection. Get Detailed Overview of all the TV Shows & Movies, which includes Trailers, Ca… See more
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Fetch 2.0

The best way to watch video (via on your iPhone/iPad

Stephen Radford- Founder, Cocoon
Hello Hunters 👋 We've been working on this update for 4 months and are extremely excited it's finally out there for everyone to use. There's so much new stuff in Fetch 2 (posters/metadata matching, file downloads etc.) and we believe it really is the best way to enjoy @putdotio 💕
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