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March 1st, 2020

Proceeds from your purchase of Worthy's 5% fixed interest bonds are used to help fuel growing American businesses. Imagine that — putting your money to work by supporting your fellow humans.

Get a complete overview of your financial situation. Consolidate all your accounts automatically with Nummo. Access your Nummo account using our highly secure app. Make a budget and keep track of your finances. Monitor your credit cards, mortgage, checking, saving and investment accounts.

Honeyfi is a free app that helps couples spend and save better. Today Honeyfi is launching Goals, a feature to help couples save for anything from a vacation to a home. Just create a goal, choose a savings rules, and automatically save money toward your goal.

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There are a lot of free budgeting apps on the marketplace. But which ones are the best budget apps? See our top recommendations here.
Countless finance experts tell you that everyone should have a budget-you can personalize it to include your wants and dreams, but it will help you reach your goals. Most months I barely like to look at the balance in my account, let alone examine an itemized version of all of my spending choices.
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EveryDollar follows the zero-based budget method. Create budgets and track expenses to manage and save money. Access your budget through the app or desktop browser.
All new users receive a free trial of EveryDollar Plus, the premium version of EveryDollar.

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When it came to paying for college, Celeste Hernandez Revelli wishes she could go back in time - and tell her younger self to avoid all those mistakes. Revelli is now the director of financial planning at eMoney Advisor in Radnor, and she creates interactive plans for financial advisers to help their clients avoid the errors she made.
When you get on the budgeting bandwagon, you face a host of perplexing decisions. Do I pay off my credit cards first or start building an emergency fund? What's more important: saving for my kids' college education or my retirement? The ensuing confusion causes many to abandon budgeting altogether.
Mobile bankers are becoming obsessed with budgeting. The simplest money advice financial planners have extolled for years, but which surveys show many Americans do not follow, may finally be starting to stick thanks to the ease of smartphones, according to data out this month from Nielsen.
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If you want to get better at managing your money, you should start with a budget. But who wants to track everything in a spreadsheet? (if you do, here are a few free budgeting spreadsheet templates to get you started!) That's where a budgeting app comes in.

Manage your team's expenses, get real time notifications of your team's activity, give them feedback, and tag transactions. Create unlimited spaces called "hives", share it with as many colleagues as you need for free. Organize your Hives by color and make it easy to manage.

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Charthopper is a revolutionary new app that mixes the most appealing concepts of Fantasy Sports Games and thrilling Stock Market fluctuating values to create a fun, challenging, and exciting way to show off your ability to recognize music talent.

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Simple, zero-fee investing. Put your savings to work with no fees, no compromises and no hassle.
Live for UK residents. EU expansion coming this year.

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Freetrade, the U.K. challenger stockbroker that offers commission-free investing, has closed $15 million in Series A funding. The round includes a $7.5 million investment from Draper Esprit, the U.K. publicly-listed venture capital firm, along with previously announced equity crowdfunding via Crowd...
Challenger stockbroker Freetrade's mobile app will now be available to U.K. Android and iOS users from Thursday, offering investment newbies and experienced shareholders a zero-fee experience. This news comes weeks ahead of the launch of another Freetrade crowdfunding campaign and as the trading app moves out of the Beta mode phase, it enables an additional … See more
It is four months since fintech 'unicorn' Revolut announced its intention to add commission-free trading to its banking app, in a bid to compete with Silicon Valley's Robinhood (although, curiously, the two companies share two investors, namely Index and DST). However, one London ...
11 Alternatives to Freetrade

Manage ALL money and ALL your finances in one easy to use the app. My Budget Plus is a complete money management, budgeting and networth tool app.
Features Include:

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Swell is an impact investing app that helps you invest in high-growth potential companies solving global challenges. We’re on a mission to make sure that every dollar invested has a positive impact on the world.

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"This generation has always had immediate access to news about global challenges and an understanding that their behaviors matter," said Dave Fanger, CEO of Swell Investing. This version of Swell lets people learn about the impact of their investing as easily as they might engage with Instagram."
Let's face it, investing can feel complicated. Novice investors we spoke to were overwhelmed by all of the charts, acronyms, account types, and performance numbers... the list goes on and on. When new users join Swell, their first step is to create a "Mix" or a customized combination of Swell portfolios.
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Enjoy this premium VISA Credit card internationally, earning cashback on every transaction from Paytm and Citibank

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Paytm, India's largest mobile wallet app, has branched out to several businesses in recent years as threat from Google and Facebook grows. On Tuesday, it added another category to the list: credit cards. The firm, operated by One97 Communications, today unveiled Paytm First Credit Card with lofty b...
Paytm Blog
We have launched Paytm First Card, India's first credit card with unlimited 1% cashback on all transactions with no restrictions on earning categories. Issued by Citi, Paytm First Card is offering...
9 Alternatives to Paytm First Credit Card

Emma is your Best Financial Friend. She helps you in avoiding overdrafts, finding wasteful subscriptions and giving the control you need over your finances. All from the push of a button!
Currently live in US, Canada and UK.

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Emma, the U.K. money management app (now calling itself your "best financial friend"), has launched in the United States and Canada - and is now one of a plethora of London fintechs venturing states-side. Competing banking app Cleo entered the U.S. nine months ago, and challenger bank Monzo i...
5 Alternatives to Emma 2.0 🇺🇸🇨🇦

Hidden Secrets is a new mobile game platform hosting free-to-play, augmented reality treasure hunts layered with cryptic puzzles and location-based activity. Players will be immersed into stories of mystery and intrigue, into strange spaces and curious places.

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Get ready to enter a world of adventure with the Hidden Secrets Mobile Treasure Hunting Game. The expected launch for this exciting- Free to play game- is planned for late Spring (2018), with the release of the first in a series of hunts.
Long time readers of this site know how much I enjoy unique, new adventures. Part of the reason I cover so many escape rooms and immersive experiences is because it's fun to get lost in another world for a bit, and get sucked into a really good story.
The success of Niantic's proved that augmented reality was essentially the next World of Warcraft. Addictive, immersive, and almost impossible to put down. Hidden Secrets is an up and coming interactive puzzle game that looks set to mimic the formula, but there's one crucial difference: there's a total prize pool of $100,000 waiting to be found.

Get4x is a price discovery platform that connects travellers with currency exchanges so they can source for the best cash exchange rates in cities around the world. With Get4x, travellers can search, compare and book currencies at a preferred rate.

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Singapore Business Review
It's like Agoda for money changers. Being unable to find the cheapest exchange rates in a foreign country was one of Julien Labruyere's biggest frustrations as a frequent business traveller. The French entrepreneur was well aware that exchanging money at airports and banks could end up costing 15-20% more compared to buying cash at licensed money changers.
海外旅行で神経質になりがちな両替所探し。そのストレスを、「Get4x」がキレイサッパリ解消してくれるかもしれません。使いかたはカンタン。交換したい2種類の通貨を選択するだけ。すると、マップにレートの値が書かれた赤いポップアップがズラッと並びます。周辺エリアにある両替所を、トップ5に絞り込むのもワンタッチ。アプリは「iTunes Store」や「Google Play」で無料ダウンロード可能。web
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Moneychangers represent a huge market of 'asymmetric knowledge' Challenges in understanding a market that only works in cash TAKING an overseas trip involves making sure a number of things are lined up, from flight tickets to accommodation. Then there's making sure you have enough cash in hand, which means dealing with moneychangers.
It will be expanding to Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Pattaya and Phuket
Tech in Asia
It's normal to worry about whether you're getting the best exchange rate while on a holiday or business trip. Common sense tells you to avoid places like airports and train stations - but what about that outlet in the fancy mall? Does that offer the best deal?

Rally Rd. lets anyone buy/sell equity in the things they care about. After funding 35+ Collector Cars + active trading, we're expanding into other asset classes. Our newest offerings include a 1st Edition Harry Potter, a Honus Wagner T206 Card, and more. 🚗

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Ever wish you could buy a share of a 1994 Lamborghini Diablo worth $600,000? A slice of a $400,000 Honus Wagner baseball card? Or a stake in a first edition of Jack Kerouac's On the Road worth $40,000? Financial technology startups are making it possible.
Rally was started nearly three years ago with a simple goal - let anyone buy/sell shares in things they care about. We've made great progress with classic cars, our first asset class. While many recognize collectible assets as important pieces of history, few are aware that many have had strong histories of appreciation.
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9 Alternatives to Rally Rd. 2.0
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