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April 1st, 2020

A very simple spreadsheet that I used to figure out if I had enough savings before taking the plunge to quit my job and live off my savings while bootstrapping my own business.

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Daniel Vassallo
Earlier this month I left my cushy developer job at Amazon to work for myself. I am 35, living in Seattle with my wife and two small kids, ages 2 and 4. I'm starting this quest for an independent lifestyle with no business and household income yet, and my target is to cover my family's expenses from my new work before I run out of savings.

BitEx is a cryptocurreyncy exchange build for trading bitcoin and altcoins directly on you computer. The platform is build on desktop to be a Decentralized Exchange, it is integrated on Bithost coin.

This self-hostable application allows you to import your bank operations, create rules to automatically categorize them, and display rich analytics so you can manage your money and operations easily.

NuSave is a financial planning platform that includes social networking and financial education content to give users personalized support on how to spend less based on their Nubank accounts.

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