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November 1st, 2018

Collaborating online has never been easier: reach anyone instantly, no install or sign up required with

Simply create a room and share the link. ✉️

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Collaborating online has never been easier: reach anyone instantly, no install or sign up required with See more
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Modernized purchasing for restaurants and suppliers

BlueCart - a Saas Mobile turnkey procurement platform - connects wholesale buyers with their exclusive network of suppliers in the hospitality industry. The app was built to save restaurants and suppliers time and money and does so by streamlining the ordering process so restaurants and suppliers can receive orders in real-time.

Mobile Communications Made Easy!

Schools, communities, clubs and small businesses are embracing mobile technologies to improve productivity and capability, but the mobile industry keeps ignoring their unique requirements for privacy, efficiency and divergency. Princle One is the answer to their needs, it was designed with the focus to make their mobile communications easy and fun!

Ben Li
Ben Li- Cofounder@LinkTime Mobile.
The most interesting features of Princle One includes: 1. User identity protection 2. Emergency notice 3. Email broadcast 4. Member survey 5. Group event 6. Topic based group discussions 7. Large group messaging and many more. Even better, the app can easily support new feature requirements from customers without requiring user updating the app. Another i… See more
Ben Li
Ben Li- Cofounder@LinkTime Mobile.
If you are looking for a new mobile communication app for your professional use in a safe environment, Princle One might be a good choice.
Ben Li
Ben Li- Cofounder@LinkTime Mobile.
Princle One's Payment feature helps you split and collect money from a group without extra cost.

Changing the way we communicate, one question at a time!

Queskr is a new social network built around Q&A. Users create visually-rich questions which are answered in one click by their family, friends and colleagues.

Duedot is a collaboration platform designed by the team at Quokky to help businesses work together with their clients more effectively for documents and information collection. Duedot bring together file sync, conversations, and collaboration features into one powerful product, allowing businesses to collaborate directly with their clients on dossiers using only one tool

Oliver Martin
Oliver Martin
James and Content Snare add amazing value to my web agency. I could not get my projects completed on time and Content Snare made that a thing of the past. It’s not just for web agencies either. Anyone who needs content (text or images) from a client or supplier can make great use of Content Snare. 💯💯
Sara Crisnaro
Sara Crisnaro- 🇮🇹
It's a simple chat dedicated to practice management that doesn't require clients to register or install any application. You can collect files and information easily and everything will be immediately organized and archived in cloud.
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secure messaging , end-to-end encryption , instant messaging

Zangi at Mobile World Congress 2018 is presenting its innovative OTT Branded Messenger and telecommunications’ solutions on iOS, Android, Desktop, web platforms in

White Label biz model at Mobile World Congress 2018.

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Mobile World Congress
Zangi is the main brand of Secret Phone, Inc. - Silicon Valley based high technology company founded in 2009. Zangi offers its innovative OTT Messenger and telco solutions in White Label business model. Zangi White Label solutions are powered with ... Continue reading "Zangi"

TEXTiUM is the pioneer for integrating the most modern texting technology with traditional direct mail advertising. Its proprietary technology conveys unique offerings and information to consumers while acquiring the mobile phone number that is immediately shared with the advertiser in the form of a qualified lead.

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Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!
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