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September 1st, 2019

Communicate through text to speech by moving your head

Jabberwocky AAC is an assistive communication iOS app enabling users with limited speech to talk using only head movement.

The Jabberwocky app translates your head movement into a cursor you can use to type letters and initiate text-to-speech.

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BridgingApps is pleased to featured Jabberwocky Communication Aid by Swiftable, a new assistive speech app for users who cannot rely on natural speech. The app enables a user with limited speech to talk using text-to-speech. Users only need an iPhone or iPad that supports Face ID.
Today we released a new version of Jabberwocky ! Something that came up when talking with many of you is that a one-time payment option is very important. So, you can now purchase Jabberwocky for a one-time payment of $249.99! As for new features, we spent a lot of time on prediction.
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Improve the symptoms of IBS with app-based hypnotherapy

Nerva delivers gut-directed hypnotherapy that can help you improve Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms without diet change. Developed by a world-leading doctor, Nerva helps fix the miscommunication between the gut & the brain, helping you feel better for good.

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Your personal assistant to prevent and reverse diabetes

From intermittent fasting, to low-carb, and nutritional ketosis, changing your lifestyle to live better and longer has never been easier.
Span helps prevent or take you from prediabetes or type 2 diabetes to remission with nutrition based on clinical evidence.

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Hey there 👋 You've heard about type 2 diabetes, right? It's a lifestyle-induced condition that develops over 20 years on average - imagine how resistant your body is 💪 Less intuitively, being diagnosed just means you hit a threshold where complications start to arise.
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