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September 1st, 2019

Cardiolyse is a B2B cloud platform to prevent Heart Disease using Predictive Score and Machine Learning algorithms. We are focused on innovative ECG analysis for active people to provide easily understandable health feedback for everyone.

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SVOD - Silicon Valley Open Doors
Cardiolyse is an mHealth company providing preventive cardio analytics anytime, anybody and at very low cost. Prevention instead of emergency. Traditional approaches focus too much on health care and not enough on health-too much on information and not enough on inspiring action.
Ardas Group Software Development
A unique experience in developing a healthcare mobile application with ECG recording device and big data...
Oxford University and Chinese biobank bring in Ukrainian start up for a big data cardiology research
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Your personal assistant to prevent and reverse diabetes

From intermittent fasting, to low-carb, and nutritional ketosis, changing your lifestyle to live better and longer has never been easier.
Span helps prevent or take you from prediabetes or type 2 diabetes to remission with nutrition based on clinical evidence.

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Hey there 👋 You've heard about type 2 diabetes, right? It's a lifestyle-induced condition that develops over 20 years on average - imagine how resistant your body is 💪 Less intuitively, being diagnosed just means you hit a threshold where complications start to arise.
4 Alternatives to Span
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