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July 1st, 2018

Infinity Yoga Mats is the world’s first and only yoga mat designed to fit the shape of your body and the movements of your practice. It’s slightly longer and wider than typical yoga mats and shaped like an hourglass. Why? Because mats should be designed with people in mind, and people are not shaped like rectangles (obvi!)

FOCI tracks your breath and uses machine learning to understand your states of mind.

It captures your focus states as a stream of colored orbs, helping you visualize and understand your mind.

The AI Mind Coach, picks out mistakes you made and provides real time advice to improve your focus.

Let's try a little test: sit back, breathe in and try and read the rest of this piece without being pulled away by a group chat, email or, heaven forbid, a conversation in the real world. Just over a decade ago, that wouldn't have presented too great of a challenge.
Fast Company
When it's clipped to your waist, this small device tracks each breath you take, and then uses machine learning-and insights based on two decades of neuroscience research-to analyze what your breathing patterns say about your mental state.
4 Alternatives to FOCI
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