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July 1st, 2019

Mikme Silver - Wireless Recording Microphone

Capture songs, speech and videos in studio-quality.

Standalone Recorder. Wireless Smartphone and USB Microphone.

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Tom's Guide
Editor's Note: On July 17, Mikme announced its more-affordable $199 Mikme Silver, dropped the price of the original Mikme to $299, and added a new USB microphone recording mode. As any amateur video director has discovered, the microphones inside smartphones are pretty bad at capturing audio, and tethered clip-on lapel mics are messy and don't work with smar… See more
designboom | architecture & design magazine
mikme is a wireless microphone that seamlessly brings studio-quality audio using a built-in app that connects to your smartphone.
Phone Scoop
Mikme Microphone Smartphones are better than ever at capturing high-quality audio, but nothing beats a dedicated microphone. The Mikme microphone should appeal to videographers, vloggers, musicians, podcasters, and others who want to record the best-possible audio on their iPhone. Today's top smartphones do an excellent job of producing great video.
On The New Screen Savers show, Leo Laporte and Megan Morrone take a look at a new wireless microphone and audio recorder from Mikme that streams high-quality audio your iPhone. The...
Fortt Knox
Jon Fortt talks to Mikme co-founder and CEO Phillip Sonnleitner and CNBC's Deirdre Bosa about the coming wave of wireless tech. Plus, next on the podcast: Troy Cater of Spotify and Cross Culture Ventures
Ever since I was seven years old, I played guitar, wrote and recorded music and also gigged with bands. I still play and write, but not as much as I
Gear Dads
There's a lot going on at Mikme recently, starting with today's launch of the Mikme Silver Indiegogo campaign. Mikme Silver is a more affordable version of the original Mikme, which is known as Mikme Blackgold. The savings come from a smaller 2/3" Silver electret capsule, compared to the original 1" gold-plated condenser capsule.
The Mikme Silver is basically a scaled down version of the original. It has a silver 2/3-inch capsule, compared to the last model's 1-inch module, and it has enough storage to hold around 45 hours of recordings, instead of 360 hours.

How do you stand out in a world of digital bombardment?

Handwritten notes.

But if you're like many, you don't have the time (or talent, frankly) to send dozens of legible handwritten letters to clients, leads, prospects, colleagues, etc.

That's where we come in.

You tell us what to write and where to send it...we takes care of the rest.

4 sound modes-simulated animal sounds/e-piano sound effects/drum beats/ built-in music

Different light effects

Magic wand: 7 basic Colors, 3 iridescence and 2 lollipop colors to switch freely

Five animals: Could be lit up together in the same color, or be lit up with their own unique lights

Besides, each animal toy can be a nightlight for bedtime

Titanium multitool is tuned for everyday travel

T’Spin is designed to provide a solution to problems that arise during traveling and sets it apart from other travel everyday carry options. Simply throw T’spin into your travel bag, hook it onto your keyring or keep it in the glovebox of your car and you know you will always have the perfect answer to those travelling conundrums.

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Titanium Travel Multitool - Travel doesn't need to mean visiting all of the "must-see" tourist spots, we indeed do urban traveling every single day. T'...
Bring one gadget on every trip with the T'spin Titanium Travel Multi-Tool. Designed for traveling, this versatile gadget provides a solution to problems Bring one gadget on every trip with the T'spin Titanium Travel Multi-Tool, which offers many different uses.
Everyday Carry
It's always the small things that tend to get forgotten when we travel. That's why having a capable multi-tool on hand is important, but most aren't something you can take with you when you fly. And when it comes to their actual functions, even the most travel-friendly multi-tools aren't designed for the challenges of traveling.
​The smartphone has become a very convenient, almost essential travel companion, but there are a few minor headaches that go with it. The T'spin is a clever and compact multitool designed to solve handset-related hassles, with a few extra functions packed in for good measure.

Stick Tab is a new kind of tablet holder that easily sticks to the back of any brand of tablet…without leaving residue!

The ergonomic shape of the Stick Tab handle allows you to be in the perfect position for holding your tablet while relaxing on the sofa, at the coffee shop, or in the office.

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Inhalable alcohol shots from a balloon

Cloud Buzz is the latest trend to change and bring innovation to the spirits market for the consumption of alcohol shots - a fun and refreshing new way to enjoy shots of your favourite spirits, with an instant BUZZ.

Cloud Buzz shots are pressurized into pre-mixed alcohol mists with your favourite spirits and served in specially-designed balloons.

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Rooster Magazine
Vices By Jahla Seppanen You can now get hammered by sucking vaporized alcohol out of a balloon, which is great for anyone who can't stomach the after-burn of shots. European-based company, Cloud Buzz, says they have designed specially-made balloons (yep, like birthday party balloons) and inflated them with pre-mixed pressurized booze mist so you can drink wi… See more
Cloud Buzz is described as a "refreshing" way to enjoy shots of all spirits, served in specially designed balloons that are pressurised, and contain vaporised premixed spirits inside.
Cloud Buzz - Described as a "refreshing" way to enjoy shots of a myriad of spirits, Cloud Buzz is a new start-up that hopes to revolutionize the way...

Our friend Felipe moved to San Francisco to help us build our project, rubbish - creating technology to clean litter. But, we can't compete with the large salaries of Amazon and Tesla.

We started as an innovative approach to keeping our team together by sabotaging all of Felipe’s job opportunities. Help us!

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We are SO excited! One month ago, we launched a Rubbish Pilot on Polk Street, and the stats for our first month are in! you guys may know..... Emin and I have been thinking about trash for a while now.

Sportfy - Internal Storage True Wireless Earbuds

One that works independently but still provides premium sound quality at an affordable price.
✔ 4Gb of internal storage
✔ Onboard MP3 player
✔ Bluetooth 5.0
✔ IP67 Certified Waterproof and Dustproof
✔ 50 hours of battery life
✔ Hi-Fi quality music ✔
✔ Instant pairing

Serenity Source - Energy Retailer on Blockchain

Serenity is multi-faceted blockchain based ecosystem, energy retailer for the people, focusing on the promotion of sustainable living, renewable energy production, transactive energy grid (smart grid) utility services.

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