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September 1st, 2019

Reduce desktop clutter on your Mac. Clean up & Organise

We clean up clutter and organise at the same time. QuickShift is perfectly suited for this habit of ours.

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Apple World Today
QuickShift is a brand new tool from Growth Beats designed to reduce desktop clutter. Personally, I'm a neat freak so my Mac Desktop is pretty well organized. However, my wonderful wife's Desktop has dozens, perhaps hundreds, of files scattered everywhere. Looking at her MacBook screen make
QuickShift [1.0 - US - 5,99 € (promo à 2,99 €) - OS X 10.10 - GrowthBeats Technologies Pvt. Lt.] est un utilitaire qui entend simplifier le tri et le rangement de tous les fichiers qui trainent sur votre Mac.
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Get dozens of curated Mac apps in a single subscription

Setapp is a collection of curated mac apps

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Following a beta testing period of more than a month, Mac app subscription service Setapp today officially launched to the public, making a collection of Mac apps available to users for a low monthly fee. Priced at $9.99 per month, Setapp is designed to be an alternative to the Mac App Store.
For one monthly fee Mac users can have full use of 61 apps using the subscription-based SetApp. AppleInsider investigates whether "software as a service" is a good model, and delves into the financials of it for mainstream users.
MacPaw, the company behind the famous CleanMyMac hard drive cleaner, has launched Setapp, a subscription-based alternative to Apple's Mac App Store. With Setapp, a single subscription currently lets you access more than 60 curated Mac apps for a $9.99 fixed monthly fee.
Every time a piece of big-name Mac software goes to a subscription-based model, reactions are mixed. TextExpander even reversed its decision, bringing back a stand-alone version of TextExpander 4 to sell alongside the subscription-only TextExpander 5. Now MacPaw wants to make subscription-based Mac software popular by offering a bundled suite of apps for $9.… See more
Apple World Today
I ran into another easily remedied situation. I downloaded two apps from the Setapp folder, tried them out, and decided that they were of no real use for my situation. I then launched my App Store version of Clean My Mac 3 and unistalled the two aforementioned apps.
The Mac Observer
Just because there's so much focus on the iPhone and iPad doesn't mean the Mac didn't get any cool app releases in 2017. Check out TMO's list with a few of our favorites. Setapp came on the scene this year with an interesting take on the subscription software model: give uses cafeteria-style app choices for a single monthly fee.
MacPaw's Setapp subscription service, which provides access to 77 Mac apps for $9.99 per month, has gained an AI-based recommendation engine. Adam Engst took the opportunity to check in on how Setapp is doing, both overall and for participating developers.
MacPaw's Setapp subscription app service is about to enter its second year since launching a public beta last December and is officially opening for business in January. So, how is the Netflix of Mac apps doing so far? MacPaw shared a few key numbers with 9to5Mac to offer a glimpse at the business of selling subscriptions to Mac app bundles.

An effective menu bar application launching tool for Mac.

Shepherd is a Mac application that allows users to quick launch their daily needed applications straight from the menu bar with one simple click. Start up items are always launching in the way of a productive day, when you don’t want them in your way. Shepherd lets you control what applications are launched when. It is simple and easy to use.

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