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September 1st, 2018


Put the output from any script in your Mac OS X Menu Bar

Sambruce Joseph- Product Designer
Im using this to see the latest bitcoin price. Super duper useful.
Brandon Brown- work @sendwithus
Among many other scripts, I use this to output the local time + timezone of some of our remote employees that I work with so I can at-a-glance know what time it is there before I interact with them (and possibly wake them up!)
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Listen to podcasts from your Mac menu bar

Shmully Wolfson
PodcastMenu is a simple app which puts Overcast on your Mac's menu bar so you can listen to your favorite podcasts while you work.
Christopher Hannah- Swift Developer / Writer
The best way to listen to Overcast podcasts on a Mac
Guilherme Rambo- I make apps
I use it all the time to listen to podcasts while I work :)
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An open-source screen recorder built with web technology

Jakub Juszczak- Developer
Don't know why nobody mentioned it. Kap is super awesome! Clean, minimal, extendable with various plugins, free & open source! I always get a good quality out of it with a good file size.
Csaba Kissi- Serial maker
Extremely easy to use and configurable
Matthieu H.- JS products coder
Really easy to use
My friends and I work on websites, apps and the alike for a living, we help people execute on ideas. That's not always as glamorous as it may sound; working with early stage startups is messy, building products and services on limited time and budget is hard.
The Electron community is growing quickly, and people are creating powerful new apps and tools at an astounding rate. To celebrate this creative momentum and keep the community informed of some of these new projects, we've decided to start a weekly blog series featuring noteworthy Electron-related projects.
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Entire full functional YouTube into your macOs’s menu bar.

Egor Danchenkov- Biddl
The easiest way to watch or listen to YouTube with possibility to use media shortcuts, resize and move window, etc. Built with electron (hybrid app), but provide native-like experience.


Track cryptocurrency price index in the MacOS menu bar

Bitdock is a lightweight OSX menu bar application that tracks the price index of Bitcoin in USD, GBP and EUR. I built it after being tired of constantly heading over to Coinbase or GDAX and I was unable to find an OSX application that was simply executed. I bodged this together in a few hours, so I'll be improving and adding new cryptocurrencies.

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Jupyter Notebook on macOS menubar

A minimal app to serve Jupyter Notebook on the macOS menubar.

Don't need to open up Terminal to quick look Jupyter notebooks. Just double-click .ipynb on Finder and that's all.

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