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December 1st, 2018

Collaborating online has never been easier: reach anyone instantly, no install or sign up required with

Simply create a room and share the link. ✉️

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Collaborating online has never been easier: reach anyone instantly, no install or sign up required with See more
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Like YouTube for videos on your computer!

Video Hub App is software to browse, search, and preview your videos. Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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FindMySoft Editor's Review Video Hub App - Efficient video organizer Online video libraries are starting to look better and better nowadays, which, let's face it, we can't really say about our personal offline video collections. This is where Video Hub App comes in.
If you own a large collection of video files on your computer, you might want to organize them as efficiently as possible, so that you can find your favorite content easier whenever you feel like watching it.
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🔐️💸️Privacy focused Bitcoin wallet w/ Tor and CoinJoin

Wasabi Wallet is an open source and cross platform Bitcoin wallet with advanced privacy features. The Tor anonymity network is integrated and the wallet cannot be used without it. The wallet implements a trustless Bitcoin mixing technique, called Chaumian CoinJoin and enforces constant 100 anonymity set.

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Nopara is such a wonderful asset to the space, and it was a pleasure to take a fairly involved discussion with him on fungibility. What the frontier is, where it should be divided, and where the technical limits might be. Great discussion, and I'd love to have nopara back on again in the future.
Bitcoin users concerned about permanently writing their financial history to a public blockchain will soon have access to a new tool to protect their privacy: Wasabi, a desktop wallet developed by Adam Ficzor, the maker of HiddenWallet.
"From here on out, people can't say bitcoin is not private anymore." That's how veteran developer Adam Ficsor, now CTO and co-founder of the privacy tech startup zkSNACKs, described the importance of the Wasabi Wallet, set to debut on August 1.
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