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March 1st, 2019

GlossaryTech for LinkedIn is a Chrome Extension for detecting tech terms while sourcing candidates on LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack OverFlow

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Keeping up with technology is not an easy feat. And neither is getting around to it. However, it's paramount if you want to source and attract top tech talent. Thankfully, there is a ton of tools available that are exceedingly helpful. The Chrome Extension GlossaryTech for LinkedIn is one of them.
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A big hurdle in the tech recruiting and sourcing world is keeping up with technology, the buzzwords, and staying up to date with the jargon. There are a lot of online glossaries and websites to source technical information. Most of the knowledge readily accessible is very static, meaning they don't keep up with the changing vernacular in the tech world.
GlossaryTech is a Chrome extension productivity product that detects tech terms while sourcing candidates on LinkedIn. Intended to be a recruiting assistant for HR managers, GlossaryTech finds and highlights technology terms on a web page just in a few seconds, provides easy-to-understand definitions in a ...
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