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September 1st, 2019

Property insurance by photo

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After digging into this story, we felt it bore coverage for our readers because it represents an important technology innovation in the insurtech category. Cover is a new insurance app that enables users to take a photo of the items they want covered on their mobile devices and receive a quote on those from multiple carriers in less than 30 seconds.
Applying for homeowner's insurance should be as easy as waving your phone camera around your room. That's the premise behind Cover, an app that recommends insurance based on what's photographed in your home. Whether it's electronics, jewelry or even your pet, Cover will cover just about anything.
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Contest your traffic ticket directly from your smart phone

Off The Record (OTR) lets you fight any traffic ticket by taking a picture of it. The service matches you to the local traffic attorney most likely to win your case, and the attorney handles everything for you. You don't need to go to court or even respond to the ticket. OTR has a 97% success rate and offers a full refund if a case is lost.

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Using their network of more than 250 traffic lawyers, Off The Record claims to help customers contest tickets and keep them off their driving record.
It was a lovely day for a meetup in Seattle, and the Showbox SoDo was packed as TechCrunch's annual pitch-off in my home town took place last week. But as impressive as our 10 contestants were, only three would leave with tickets to Disrupt SF. And here they are.
Alex Guirguis has gotten several speeding tickets in his lifetime and he has contested all of them. But a Labor Day trip to Oregon with friends a couple of years ago ended up convincing the 33-year-old software engineer to start a company with the sole purpose of making it easier to fight tickets.
Got a speeding or traffic ticket? Fight it with!
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The Mercury News
Summer is the busiest travel season, and that means long stretches of highway, wandering attention and maybe a few miles through counties or states spent over the speed limit. Then, the flashing police lights and miserable pull-over. It can happen anytime and anywhere: along rural roads, in speed traps, big cities or daily commutes.
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LEXCARTS is an online platform providing best legal aid service in India. Choose best lawyer from our biggest online lawyers directory. LEXCARTS provides legal professionals with expertise in various legal fields.

Get an on-site court certified interpreter today

Need an interpreter now? This is the best solution to get an on-site court certified interpreter today; GPS enabled app allows you to see available interpreters near you that can get to where you need one in minutes, not hours.

Easily create, share & print powerful protest signs!

WalkWoke is the first iOS app that aligns emotionally charged social and political art with customizable slogans to drive change at marches, protests, rallies and online in social media. The app was designed by artists to create visual depictions of resistance to policies that harm women, immigrants and others. Download, customize & print today!

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WalkWoke promotes empathy in the Resistance Movement by cultivating an environment to unite positive energy and effective efforts to mobilize Women's Rights and fight domestic violence and injustice.
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RenterPeace is a smart assistant for renters that includes :

* legal info targeted to your problem and jurisdiction

* social network built for renters

* todo-list (track chores & shopping)

* bill tracking and splitting

Sujata Katikala
Sujata Katikala
Easy to do for renters! great features!
Shaq Kalaka
Shaq Kalaka- CEO, RenterPeace
It's the best for the home. It makes chore, shopping, and bills super easy, and you can share stuff with roommates or spouses with a click.
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Anonymous platform for reporting sexual misconduct

JDoe is the world’s first truly anonymous, end-to-end encrypted reporting platform for survivors (and witnesses) of sexual assault, rape and harassment. We connect mutual victims of repeat offenders directly to world-class personal injury attorneys in their area. JDoe generates a tremendous amount of emotional and practical strength for survivors.

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With sexual violence a growing problem in our society, one 24-year-old from D.C. is looking to address the problem the best way he can: Technology. Ryan Soscia, an app designer, is the creator of a company called JDoe, an online platform that looks to give victims a voice.
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Record the truth. Know your rights. All with one tap.

Reyets gives the power to uncover + broadcast the truth. With the tap of a button you can stream, record video and know your rights to help navigate a potentially volatile situation and connect to a support network of organizations, lawyers and news outlets.

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PLuGHiTz Live
In the Information Age, one of the things we have learned is that no one seems to know what their actual rights are, and that includes law enforcement. - Arlington, Va. Local News
Sponsored by Monday Properties and written by, Startup Monday is a weekly column that profiles Arlington-based startups and their founders, plus other local technology happenings. The Ground Floor, Monday's office space for young companies in Rosslyn, is now open. The Metro-accessible spa
Fast Company
GENERAL EXCELLENCE Judges recused themselves from deliberating on entries submitted by companies that they are funding or consulting with. George Aye, Cofounder and director of innovation, Greater Good Studio Sophie Bakalar, VC, Collaborative Fund Ryan Bethencourt, CEO, Wild Earth; investor, Babel Ventures Sebastian Buck, Cofounder, Enso Antionette Carroll, … See more
Washington Business Journal
When Philando Castile was killed by Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez - and the controversial 2016 shooting was streamed on Facebook - "it made me think hard about the importance of transparency and knowing your rights," said Reyets co-founder and CEO Wa'il Ashshowwaf.
When Wa'il Ashshowwaf opened the door of his dorm room to police officers, he didn't know that his life would change forever. As a freshman at the University of New York 25 years ago, Ashshowwaf spent much of his time like other college students, studying and hanging out with friends, but when he was accused of assaulting another student and arrested, his ti… See more
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The smart way to separate and divorce

Clever technology with a people-focus; communicate effectively, negotiate fairly, resolve your divorce rapidly at a fraction of the traditional cost.
Build a positive future apart, for you and your family.

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