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September 1st, 2018

Mila Lila Craft Cards

Set of 12 cardboard cards & mobile app for kids 3+

Mila Lila is a set of 12 cardboard cards and a mobile app with challenges for children 3+. The cards give ideas to the children how to make crafts from materials they can find at home. The goal is to show the children that they can build their own toys, develop their own stories and use the mobile device only to inspire and share.

Lunch Bunnies

Cuteness and convenience for kids lunch boxes (e.g. YumBox)

Lunch Bunnies are cuteness and convenience for kids lunch boxes (e.g. YumBox, Bentgo). Top them off with everyday items to hop around with too. Easy to tie into bunny ears, and easy for even the tiniest hands to hold!

Magic Story

You are a God in this rich world.

Magic Story is a fantasy text-adventure infused with six mini-games. You are a GOD in this rich world: you guide a cheeky wizard kid on his journey, you make decisions for him and shape his world’s fate. Escape dangers, discover secrets, talk to others…or even fall in love!

Magic Story: a revolutionary text adventure with all the perks of a complex RPG and also minigames? Yes, please! One would assume that with all the tech crammed into our phones, games of which the focus is on the story instead of the visuals and gameplay would be outdated.

Monstapals is a game for iOS and Android aimed at kids (and the young at heart) and recommended for ages 4 and up. It features Australian animals in their natural habitat which you can gather with your spaceship in order to create unique and interesting new creatures known as Monstapals.

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Overview Monstapals is a collection game designed to appeal to young children. Pretend to be a space alien collector of Australian animals, but instead of collecting one at a time, grab two and combine them. There are 45 Monstapals to collect, each with a unique appearance, name and sound.
Deep in the heart of rural NSW, a team of dedicated engineers, designers, and animators have banded together with a common goal of creating an entertaining, yet educational game for the young, and young at heart with the result - Monstapals - now available for Android and iOS.
Anomaly recent released Monstapals our first gaming title which is targeted at kids aged 4 and up. It was which was built using Unity and whilst I already had experience using Unity in the past I learnt a lot during the project.
Today we are very excited to announce our first digital entertainment product. Monstapals, a game aimed at kids (and the young at heart) and recommended for ages 4 and up. It's been in development for nearly twelve months and now available for both iOS and Android.


A basket ball hoop accessory that lights up your shot.

Bored of shooting by yourself? Get HoopLight™ now and turn your basketball hoop into your personal arcade. Play alone or with friends. You will never want to stop shooting! HoopLight™ features dozens of unique patterns and lighting effects. Just take your best shot and watch as your hoop lights up when the ball goes through!

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Wiggly the Fun Wearable Jacket for Kids

Make kids move and have fun -- getting happier and healthier

Wiggly is a healthy and extremely exciting way to help your kids stay active while exercising their reflexes and physical condition, having fun and getting healthier along the way with an interactive wearable jacket for kids that looks cool and helps prevent obesity and sedentary habits.

This thought may challenge conventional perceptions, but technology for children goes way beyond videogames, tablets and smartphones, and can represent the exact opposite of typical sedentary lives that tech-addicted children almost always seem to lead.
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