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August 1st, 2019

New pebble smartwatch (prelaunch)

Nick Lekuona
Nick Lekuona- Chief Reader at Nimbooks.
Got three Pebbles myself and supported them on Kickstarter twice, once with the original, then again with the Time. Still think they are the people who got the smartwatch thing right; low power consumption, small apps which complemented the smartphone, thriving developer community, the works. Broke my heart when they were forced to sell; wearable development… See more
Hussain- Android Developer and Machine Learner
Loved the e-paper implementation in a watch.
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Tech jewelry for the Tech generation

Techllery is an initiative by my daughter to make tech jewelry and through this Kickstarter campaign generate money to donate to her school.

Blenheim London was established from the ideology of premium wrist-wear at an affordable price. We are constantly striving to push the boundaries of our products to create a perfect balance of tradition and innovation.

Craftsmanship and quality are considered throughout the creative process of producing our watches, which transmit an inherent British identity.

The Kensington watch is inspired by traditional English church clocks and architecture. Our objective is to recreate the integrity and style of Oxford buildings within our watch designs, offering our customers with a timeless and fashionable accessory.

LoTek solution with BIG results

Flips Bracelet is an affordable, handmade piece of jewelry that is personalized to fit your goals and desired habits. Ideal for adults seeking a way to better themselves and children to create good lifelong habits. It is perfect for helping autistic and down syndrome children and even the elderly to remember their daily tasks. .

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A wearable camera disguised as a ring💍 📸

Insta Ring is a high quality 12 mega pixel photo camera closed in a body of a ring. Once you make picture with Insta Ring you can immediately transfer it directly to your smartphone (iOS or Android) and post it on your social media. It has 32GB flash storage memory and it's always ready for action.

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