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January 1st, 2020

pH7CMS is a Professional & Open Source Social Dating Builder. With pH7CMS, anyone can start a Social Dating Web app like Tinder or Badoo in a day without any technical knowledges!

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It is safe to say that java is not very popular with startups. There are numerous alternatives to build web apps, however most of these aren't as scalable. Java is scalable, and these alternatives 🦍 only hint at Java's true development process. Java web applications have access to thousands of official and unofficial programming classes.

Claudie, the lightning cloud is listening to every trigger you want (sell on your online store, facebook like...) and light when smthg happens!

Here is a tutorial on how to do it:

And the code is open source on Github!

ESP-DASH is a UI Library to create functional dashboards for your ESP8266. It provides essential functions like Wifi switcher, rebooting, and RAM usage.

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