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July 1st, 2019

The iOS app for collecting and sharing GIFs.

If you consider yourself a GIF connoisseur, you've probably accumulated a go-to collection of images for sending to friends and enemies alike. GIFwrapped is an app for iOS that provides an easy way to collect, store and share GIFs on iOS, built just for people who take GIFs as seriously as they do their photo collection.

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It's been a while since we last looked at GIFwrapped, a must-have utility for anyone who enjoys animated GIFs. The app, by Jellybean Soup aka Daniel Farrelly, is an all-in-one solution for collecting, organizing, and sharing GIFs on iOS. With the addition of drag and drop support, wrangling your GIF collection has never been easier.
A picture is worth a thousand words, but a moving picture of a celebrity making a funny face? That's priceless. GIFwrapped gives you access to an endless database of reaction GIFs right from your iOS device, which means you can punctuate any iMessage, Tweet, or Facebook post with a tiny dancing Urkel.
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There is a perfect GIF for every moment, but spend too much time hunting for it, and the moment is lost. That's why you need GIFwrapped -- an iOS app that lets you sync and share your favourite animated GIFs across all your devices.
Мне действительно нравятся гифки и, наверное, мне бы хотелось отправлять их друзьям, выкладывать в личном блоге или просто комментировать записи с помощью котят и смешных моментов из фильмов или видео-роликов. Но, к сожалению, мне всегда лень поискать хороший ресурс и проматывать тысячи анимаций, пока силы не покинут меня.
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iOS: If you like to annotate your tweets and messages with animated GIFs, we have a guide to make some of your own. But for those you didn't create, GIFwrapped is a handy tool to save GIFs in a vault to use later.
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GIFwrapped GIFwrapped, developed by Daniel Farrelly and brought to my attention by Casey Liss, is making me reconsider how I organize my collection of reaction GIFs. Until today, I've stored my GIFs in Evernote, using tags to group them together and search to filter results.
GIFwrapped (Free) by Daniel Farrelly is the perfect app for anyone who loves animated GIFs. And let's be honest - who on the Internet does not enjoy these animated delights? There is always a GIF out there that represents how we are feeling, or how we should feel or act at a specific moment, or just something that makes us giggle.
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On-demand itemized physical storage

Omni is building the future of ownership and changing the way people interact with the things they own. Today, that means building the best platform and experience for storing, sharing and renting out your unused belongings to others in your community, and discovering items you can access (and they have big plans ahead).

Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover- Founder, Product Hunt
Check out Omni. You can store individual items for cents/month and optionally make money by renting it out to others on the network.
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Omni simply couldn't scale storing stuff in giant warehouses while dropping it and off picking it up from people on demand. Storage was designed to bootstrap Omni into peer-to-peer rentals of the goods in its care. But now it's found a better way by partnering with retailers which will ...
In a non-traditional deal, the storage startup raised a round in XRP and dollars that totaled $25 million at close in December
Earlier this month, I wrote that crypto companies are going to become investors in 2018. I didn't quite imagine that happening as quickly as mid-January, but here we are. Ripple, the fintech startup behind the controversial XRP token, has its first investment after it backed U.S.-based storage startup Omni through a $25 million round.
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Scan and recognize multipage documents in PDF or JPG

Multipurpose phone scanner:

- Scan any papers, create perfect digital copies and save them to JPEG or PDF documents.

- Scan books quickly and easily.

- Recognize text from scans in 193 languages and save results in 12 formats

- Export everywhere

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We have a particular obsession with life hacks here at NewsWatch. And here's our awesome new find. It's called FineScanner. It helps you digitize anything you want: receipts, invoices, contracts, articles, recipes, whiteboards or books. Made by ABBYY, a market leader in document capture, FineScanner is a genius app that completely replaces your desktop scann… See more
If you don't own a scanner, you can still digitize documents quickly with a mobile scanning app. If you need to turn your pages into a file you can edit, you'll want optical character recognition (OCR) to boot. Whether you need to upload images of receipts for an...
If you're looking for a company with a serious scanning technology pedigree, start here. I used some form of Abbyy scanning software 10 or 15 years ago, when it was bundled with a high-end desktop scanner, and I recall being impressed with its features even back then.
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