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August 1st, 2019

View latest BTC/ETH/LTC prices and trends on every new tab!

Are you obsessed with looking at the latest prices on your cryptocurrencies, I was so developed a chrome extension which would display the latest prices/trends on every new tab, so I could check if there was a dip/boom :)

A Chrome extension that shows a Bible verse on every new tab

Bible Tab is a Chrome extension will show a random Bible verse when you open a new tab.

A new Bible verse will appear when you open a new tab. It helps you to learn the Bible verse easily.

I'm always welcome all the contribution about the content (Bible verses) for this extension.

Thank you for using.

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CENTPAGE- Your all-in-one customizable homepage.

CENTPAGE is everything you would want your internet startpage to be. You get all the popular and most visited websites in a single page. You can easily search in any search engine across different categories.

You can login and customize your homepage and custom links to your preference. Simple and clean way of saving your time and be productive.

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Join thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, access real-time coin data, and Discover the latest blockchain companies - all in one place. Come check out the epicenter of the cryptocurrency community.
Hi. I would like to introduce a website here in medium and review it here. It's called and it's an all-in-one customizable internet homepage. You get all the popular websites and search engines in a single page. Search across different categories effortlessly. You can login and customize your homepage and custom links to your preference easily.
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Save your time! enjoy more webs(videos) at same time

viewports is a browser extension which could open multi-viewports in one window screen to help you enjoying more webs(videos) at one time, browsing the Internet efficiently ,

especially when you have additional Super screen

Did Houzz and Zola just have a baby? πŸ™‚πŸ 

Homeowners, designers and builders use Pocketdoor to track product options, make decisions, and coordinate purchases. Make sure the right person buys the right item on time. Ditch the spreadsheets. Get the Pocketdoor web app today (and the iPhone app soon!).

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Add an item to Pocketdoor from the URL you are viewing!
More than two years later, we were (almost) finished! At times, the process was productive, enjoyable and fun. We were lucky to work with some really professional architectural designers and contractors. But there were many times when the project was disorganized, delayed, over-budget, and frustrating-in large part due to the available tools for managing ren… See more
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