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August 1st, 2019

Find all the emails related to a domain with just one click

Hunt down all the Email addresses that you need with one click. Email Hunter for Chrome allows you to find a list of contacts behind the website that you are in and even more, it comes with an evaluation if they are still active. Convenient, isn't it?

Lauren Holliday
Lauren Holliday- Journalist with a marketing mindset
The easiest way to get email addresses, but sometimes need to double-check with another tool, like HeadReach.
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Agile CRM Blog
How can you capture the contact data of leads that don't visit your site? Inbound marketing eases the data capturing process by using forms, content upgrades and other tools that allow email signups. There are also lead management platforms such as LeadGenius, Agile CRM and Prezi that ease the process.
20 Alternatives to Email Hunter for Chrome

GlossaryTech for LinkedIn is a Chrome Extension for detecting tech terms while sourcing candidates on LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack OverFlow

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Don't Panic, Just Hire
Keeping up with technology is not an easy feat. And neither is getting around to it. However, it's paramount if you want to source and attract top tech talent. Thankfully, there is a ton of tools available that are exceedingly helpful. The Chrome Extension GlossaryTech for LinkedIn is one of them.
ERE Media
A big hurdle in the tech recruiting and sourcing world is keeping up with technology, the buzzwords, and staying up to date with the jargon. There are a lot of online glossaries and websites to source technical information. Most of the knowledge readily accessible is very static, meaning they don't keep up with the changing vernacular in the tech world.
GlossaryTech is a Chrome extension productivity product that detects tech terms while sourcing candidates on LinkedIn. Intended to be a recruiting assistant for HR managers, GlossaryTech finds and highlights technology terms on a web page just in a few seconds, provides easy-to-understand definitions in a ...
2 Alternatives to GlossaryTech for LinkedIn

Frrole DeepSense lets you automate candidate assessment right at the top of the funnel leveraging AI that can evaluate individuals using only their email IDs. It helps you predict the candidate's culture fit, personality and behavioral attributes such as teamwork skills, attitude and learning ability. You get to see the candidate's real persona!

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Hiring managers already are using artificial intelligence with social media profiles to supplement general background screening. But now, a new artificial intelligence service, DeepSense by Frrole, enables professionals to do even more. The service creates an entire personality profile to give business leaders a bigger picture about the kind of individual yo… See more
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is powering a new level of understanding and a product personalization experience at a rapid scale. The use of machine learning in making smarter, intuitive and better product experiences is the key to this growth and adoption. Machine learning is not new, nor is it necessarily a competitive advantage in and of itself.
Inc42 Media
Business Intelligence is one of the oldest concepts in data processing. Though it was first coined by Richard Millar Devens in 1865 in the Cyclopædia of Commercial and Business Anecdotes, mining transactional data for business insights has been popular since the 90s.
AI for recruiting, simply explained is the application of Artificial Intelligence such as learning or problem-solving exhibited by machines to the recruitment function. AI uses techniques such as machine learning, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis to learn, troubleshoot and problem solving. 56% of talent acquisition leaders say their hiring… See more
12 Alternatives to Frrole DeepSense Chrome Extension

Software to source, engage and recruit candidates

Recruiterflow makes it dead simple for recruiters to source candidates with 1-click and put them in an email sequence that doubles their response rate without any extra effort. With features like team collaboration, interview assessments, calendar and email syncing, it is the complete toolset for a modern recruiter.

11 Alternatives to Recruiterflow

Find if a website has some job offers

Most links to career and jobs pages are hidden away at the bottom of websites or in some arcane menu. With JobsPatrol you will never have to go wandering again. Thanks to the use advanced AI your browser will always let you know when a website might be offering some jobs.

Teragod Connect allows you to enter the biggest and most current database on the Internet. Get access to hundreds of millions of companies and people with a single click.

Find anyone's email address within seconds.

Search by employee name or job title within a company.

Timeline for Google: When did i open that search result?

Chrome extension that tells you when you opened search results on google, without visiting your history. Avoid recently opened/irrelevant links and timeline your search results.

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ERE Media
When you bunt in baseball, more often than not, it is to help get a runner into scoring position or to get them even closer to scoring. In other words "advance the runner." Using the Chrome Extension "Google When" is similar to improving your sourcing, in that it allows you to proceed to results you have not seen in a Google search.
CHIP Online
Die CHIP Redaktion sagt: Dank Google When? wissen Sie immer, wann Sie eine Webseite besucht haben - und das sofort beim Anzeigen der Google Suchergebnisse. Die Erweiterung für Chrome können Sie sich hier kostenlos herunterladen. Die schlanke Chrome Extension "Google When?" zeigt Ihnen bei Ihren Google Suchergebnissen via Zeitstempel an, wann Sie eine Seite z… See more
Che Google tenga traccia della cronologia delle ricerche effettuate nel motore di ricerca è una cosa risaputa da tutti.
Have you ever had to wade through Google results, not knowing if a link you already clicked was helpful or not? Here's a way to find out exactly when you visited a page.
Gadget Hacks
When you click a link from Google search, the link itself turns purple to let you know you've already visited this page. But let's say you're searching for something similar a few weeks from now and you see one of these purple links-you'll probably think to yourself, "What was I reading about on that site?"-and if you don't remember, you'll end up clicking t… See more
With this free Chrome extension, you can now see which Google search results you've already visited and when you last visited them.

Save LinkedIn profiles to a Google Sheet with one click

Save LinkedIn profiles to a Google Sheet with just one click.

Do you use LinkedIn to find interesting people for your business? With Link2Sheet you can create lists of people you find on LinkedIn with just one click, more time to work on your leads!

Useful for anyone who uses LinkedIn to find people, as sales, recruiters, entrepreneurs...

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Les outils de la veille
Link2Sheet est une extension pour votre navigateur Chrome qui va vous permettre de récupérer et de mettre de côté des profils présents sur LinkedIn avec une étonnante facilité. Comment récupérer simplement et sans y passer des heures des profils présents sur LinkedIn ?
8 Alternatives to Link2Sheet

HR companion app which saves time and automates processes

MangoBlogger Onboarding App is a Google sheets add-on automates sending an offer letter to candidates & adding them to online tools.
Whether you are a startup, NGO, a YOGA studio or a gym. Make it easy to onboard your employees or clients.
Try it for free & Scale your hiring.

Build talent pools & instantly text candidates from any site

Rectxt is a Google Chrome Extension that allows recruiters to easily build talent pools and instantly text candidates with a dedicated local phone number directly from any website or ATS.

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A brief product tour that touches on some of the key features of the Rectxt Chrome extension. Download the extension here: See more
6 Alternatives to Rectxt

Helps recruiters to get more information about developers.
Simplifies search for the new candidates in GitHub.

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OctoHR - расширение для GitHub, которое помогает рекрутерам получать больше информации о разработчиках и упрощает поиск новых кандидатов в GitHub. Ссылка на расширение OctoHR: See more
Boolean Strings
It's not often that I post a blog about a tool the next day I hear about it; this one is an exception. As if in response to my complaint about finding Github profiles where a particular programming language is "dominant", i.e.
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