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May 1st, 2019

First appliance that grows food for you.

Bhushit Agarwal
Bhushit Agarwal- Job Huntr. Geek.
Another easier small scale alternative is replantable. Launched at Kickstarter last year as 'nanofarm', it looks like it has made it to pre-order stage. They have a cool concept called 'plantpads', essentially seeds in soil replacement with right nutrients and currently offering all essential greens. This could be a quick and affordable way to get your fres… See more
5 Alternatives to Replantable

Simplify Your Health. Automated Health Tracking

Patrick Connelly
Patrick Connelly- Marketing @Lively
Check out Corevity. Corevity is a health community for millennials. A community of beautiful people, images and experiences. We are the place for fit people to articulate and share their health journey. Corevity syncs with your favorite exercise, health and tracking apps to aggregate all of your health data, including Fitbit and Apple Health. On top of that… See more
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