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November 1st, 2018

ulogme is one of those hidden gems of GitHub. It tracks your keyboard usage *locally* and comes with some rudimentary-looking, but pretty informative visualizations of your activity. (I only just realized when posting this that it was made by Andrej Karpathy (Dir. of AI at Tesla) back in the day)

A "One Punch Man"-inspired workout app!

One Punch Fitness is a side-project I built to learn a new programming language (ReasonML) and replace the multitude of sticky notes that are on the wall of my dorm to keep track of my daily workouts. Thanks for checking it out!

Turn your smartphone into a Heart Rate Monitor

✓ Incredibly accurate in measuring your heartbeat. Works even on phones without a Flashlight.

✓ Powered by our Camera Fusion algorithm making it highly accurate and comparable with professional medical equipment.

✓ Free with unlimited heart rate measurements.

✓ Multiple user profiles. Track the heart health of your family members in a single app.

✓ Save and share your heartbeat graphs with your health care provider.

✓ Enhanced by Health Infinity insights.

✓ Connect to Google Fit.

✓ Backup your measurements securely.

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Practice Grease the Groove method and get stronger 💪!

Grease the Groove is electron app to help you practice Grease the Groove method to achieve your goals and get stronger 💪!

App can measure you height on head

GHeight is app for height measurement. You only need to put the phone on your head. Compare celebrity height with you.

Basic Features:

- ARKit technology

- Original height measurement on head

- Compare height with celebrity!

- You can save your measurements

- You can share measurements in social networks

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4 Alternatives to GHeight

Curated health content for desk workers

Awesome health is an awesome repo that curates common health issues and the solutions for desk workers, e.g. developers, designers and everybody who sit in front of a computer for long periods of time.

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