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January 1st, 2020

Keto Kookie is the World's Best Tasting Low Carb Cookie! Delicious gluten-free and no sugar added cookies with less than 2g of net carbs. Just launched on Kickstarter, Keto Kookie is releasing their two most requested new flavors exclusively for the crowdfunding community to raise awareness of the Ketogenic Diet.

Sketchcase is a premium laptop skin that turns the empty space on your into a whiteboard. On the surface, Sketchcase uses a combination of anti-graffiti and scratch resistant materials to create the perfect whiteboard. Underneath is a premium vinyl that utilizes air egress technology to prevent air bubbles, making it very easy to install.

Charles Han
Charles Han
Quite literally, it's "a whiteboard on my computer."
8 Alternatives to Sketchcase

Hope Indoor Eden Garden is a home hydroponics kit with included grow light and a special cup system that holds each plant individually. Holds up to 24 plants and promises less than 15 minutes of maintenance each month.

The Smart Electronic Muscle Stimulator is our 5th generation Snore Circle with patented technology designed to detect snores and emit specific low-frequency pulses to stimulate and massage the muscles and nerves of the throat, allowing you to sleep quietly and wake up feeling more refreshed, ready to take on a new day.

erxes is now released on Kickstarter — our vision is to build an open source, mission, and community-driven single application for the complete #Growth #Marketing lifecycle.

Please help us raise the funds to make this project happen!


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