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July 1st, 2018

Startup Seed Funding

How to raise $1M for your startup, even outside of SV (book)

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré- SaaS Consultant & Community Growth
You have aspirations for creating a startup company that will change the world, but need startup capital in order to make that happen. Where do you start? How can you raise serious funding when you don't have many connections or live outside of a major startup community like Silicon Valley?
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Scaling Lean

Ash Maurya's new book on mastering key metrics for growth

Kuchengnom- Product Designer
We are using the idea of creating hypothesis and evaluating them. We record the findings in reports that are written in understandable language, so when coming back in a few months, you still understand what was going on and what you did. All this in Dropbox Paper.
3 Alternatives to Scaling Lean
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