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July 1st, 2019

A pixel art image processing app for iOS

Retrospecs lets you convert images and videos so they appear as they would on a variety of home computers and consoles from the 70's, 80's and 90's.

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Do you yearn for a time when graphics were more pixelated and Betamax still had a chance? At times, we can't help but to reminisce about late 20th-century technology, which is why we have decided to take a close look at Retrospecs for iOS.
Take a nostalgia trip with the Retrospecs app, which emulates old school computing systems.
Laughing Squid
Retrospecs is an app by software developer John Parker that converts ordinary photos into retro computer or video game pixel art. Users can choose from a collection of fun filters to make their images look like they should be displayed on an 8-bit Commodore 64 computer, an old school Nintendo Game Boy, and more.
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A beautiful endless snowboarding game for iOS

Willie Morris
Willie Morris- Formerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox
I love the overall design (sound/visuals) of this game - calming, fun, and seems like there's always more to discover.
kevinfischer- Designer
Not only is the game play smooth, the audio is as well.
Chris Daniels
Chris Daniels- Always looking for stuff
this game is incredibly satisfying
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One of my favorite board games on iOS

Andrew Delaware
Andrew Delaware- Founder of Resonate
I strongly recommend the Carcassonne app - the best interpretation of an award-winning board game into an app. The toughest AI levels are heard to beat until you're really advanced - for me that took a year or more. I own a hundred or so board games - and this is one I never, ever get bored of. Great way to learn the game and then you'll love playing it in p… See more
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Jurassic World ain't nothing

A simple one-touch game filled with 16-bit pixel dinos and a bad-ass karateka, featuring and smooth animations, perfect for a quick and exciting game session

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