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July 1st, 2019

The most powerful Venture Capital firm in Silicon Valley. We're launching with our first product, Maybe Capital the board game, where you play a board member and investor. Your aim is to get your portfolio of companies all the way to IPO before the bubble pops by pitching awesome and made up companies to the other players.

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As the TV show Silicon Valley has shown, the tech community there is ripe for satire. So it's not surprising that the next "product" to be born into this satirical "vertical" is a board game where you must go through the sometimes tortuous process of raising money.
Coconut water plus bitcoin: The best new startup idea ever? Well, perhaps if you're playing the Maybe Capital Board Game, where players act like venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, pitching each other on absurd company ideas and networking with influencers.
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A party game of shameless self-revelation.

WHO HAS? is an adult party game that reveals and embraces human behavior at all levels. It asks questions that range from the raunchy and lurid to routine and innocuous.

It is a game that allows us to reflect on our past behavior and literally lay the truth on the table along with everyone else. All while asking one simple question...Who has?

Protect yourself from Alexa, Siri, Google Home.

A voice activated device that can turn off Siri, Alexa and Google from listening in (and other appliances).

This "for fun" project has a serious side and I'm doing to help people retain their privacy at home. It's going to be open sourced when the product is complete and all the kooki's have been delivered.

I'm doing it to get awareness in our hack-space Noisebridge. The original makerspace in San Francisco. We've been under threat with raising rents.

A Funny Card Game About Surviving Dictatorship

ABSOLUTISM is a party card game that presents players with unfathomable scenarios of daily life in a totalitarian society to which they have to offer solutions. But as no sane solutions can save you in a real dictatorship, in ABSOLUTISM the players’ solutions will be absurd and funny, based on modern life values.

The only notch for your devices

No software, just a sticker. All of the prestige, all of the drawbacks. A seamless experience across all devices.

With manufacturers across the mobile industry scrambling to put phones out with the iconic top-mounted obstruction, it became clear that this was something all users needed.

A simple sticker. A symbol. A lifestyle.

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Google, we love you but you're bringing us down with that hideously massive notch on your new Pixel 3 flagships. In fact, our stance on smartphone display notches have always been "ugh, no" since Apple's iPhone X last year made it mainstream - an inelegant design solution to include front-facing cameras and sensors for a near bezel-less screen.
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